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Improving my Ukrainian pronunciations

I started using Gospeaky.com to practice my languages with native speakers. I spoke to a few Russians and amazingly they all said my pronunciation was decent for the most part. Then I tried speaking with a Ukrainian native, and boy was I embarrassed... She was really nice but I butchered a lot of sentences that I really thought I was pronouncing correctly. This was kinda of discouraging.

I'm thinking I should really immerse myself with the Ukrainian accent.

Does anyone know any podcasts that can teach Ukrainian to English speakers? I listen to Russian podcasts and I think this is why I was able to have better pronunciations.

Or can anyone recommend Ukrainian songs I can listen to?

July 30, 2015



I would recommend that you listen to Ukrainian news, radio (not music), TV channels, films, etc. You really have to listen to your target language a lot. I would not recommend songs because, it is different than normal speech and sometimes it may seem more run together. Just listen to several words spoken by native speakers. If you can pronounce and master several words correctly I think you can learn to pronounce most words correctly, since the phonetics do not change. You still have the basic sounds and letters that are used for all words. I hope this helps:)


Right, the songs would do the thing if they turn you on. So it depends on the genre. If you like rock music, look for (google, youtube etc.) Okean Elzy (typing in 'translit' still works), Druga Rika, TNMK and others, which will appear on the left side =) If you are up for pop or folk, I would recommend to go for 'old' (from 1960-90's) Ukrainian songs: Chervona Ruta, Vodograj, everything what Kvitka Cisyk sings. You might find them helpful. Don't hesitate to jump for the new ones (in youtube it is so easy, you know).


Ukraine's Got Talent. If you cant find the channel (you probably wont since its ukrainian) then go to YouTube


I'm super late, but here's unusual take on traditional and even ancient Ukrainian songs in a modern interpretation. This mix of old and new might give you some better inside into a proper Ukrainian spoken word. https://open.spotify.com/album/2mfoKiwx5WMVeHqfK4KlnB?si=yAxONiDiSeaI5az6kOADww

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