"Who is in our family?"

अनुवाद:हमारे परिवार में कौन है?

July 30, 2015

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चर्चा पर रोक है।


I don't understand the above english sentence. Can someone explain it to me. I'm having trouble grasping it's meaning


English turns out to be very tricky. Even pronouncing a simple word 'smooth' to non-native speakers can be a challenge.
About the sentence.:
Can you grasp the meaning of "Who is in family?" = It will be "परिवार में कौन है?"
Now think that you want to ask that question about 'our family' which is 'हमारे परिवार' .
So, you will say "हमारे परिवार में कौन है" in which you will change "family" with "our family".
So sentence will be "Who is in our family"


thank you, Pratyush :)

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