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can someone explain what is B2 , C1, B1 and others ?

hi! lately i have been seeing people use those terms and i think its to explain what level you are in learning a language (i'm guessing).. i don't understand them .. can someone please explain those . i'm kind of new to all this ..thanks !!

July 30, 2015



A Duolingoer wrote a great guide to this HERE ^_^


The duo owl has ascended to level D1. All other levels are for mortal men.


thank you so much!!!!!!


If you ever attend a language school in the native country, this is the classification that is used for each level.


If you ever put your level of language fluency on a resume (especially if you're applying to a government agency or an NGO), it is much more useful to the manager or whoever to know that you are a B2 in reading/writing, an A2 in speaking/listening, etc. I've known way too many people who put "intermediate Spanish" on their resumes when they could at best read signs and ask where the bathroom is.

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