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  5. "Our cat is white."

"Our cat is white."

Translation:Nuestro gato es blanco.

December 31, 2012



Why is it NOT NuestraS instead of NuestrA? What does the 'S' add?


"Nuestras" is plural, and should be used with a plural noun (e.g. gatos). "Nuestra" is singular, to use with a singular noun, like "gato". Both "nuestras" and "nuestra" mean "our", it just changes depending on the noun.


Nuestras means more than one cat. Mi gato (one person, one cat) Mis gatos (one person, multiple cats) Nuestra gato (multiple people, one cat) Nuestras gatos (multiple people, multiple cats)


Whats the diference betwen "nostra gata es blanca" and " Nuestro gato es blanco" in english? Anybody help me?


"Nuestra gata es blanca" refers to a female cat and "nuestro gato es blanco" to a male cat.

You may have a typo in your first sentence because "nostra" is Italian, not Spanish :-)


I know about the male and female letter addons, but it say "our cat is white" which dosnt refer to a gender so why would it matter if you said the male or feminest add on.


it would be, our cat is white, for both


Again, get this problem fixed it's more than annoying


Nuestras vs nosotros how are they different?


Feminine plural and masculine plural for "our"


@HannaJun , Nuestras means "our" nosotros means "we".


there must be a glitch because I'm going back and forth between a/o and both answers are wrong, apparently!?


All showing as wrong???


i don't understand why does "nuestra gato es blanco" is not good


I realize this is year late so you might not even care! But the answer is that possessive nouns, such as "nuestra/nuestro" do not describe the group of people who own the thing, but rather agree gender-wise with the thing that is owned. So even if it was a group of women that owned a male cat, you would still use "nuestro". If a group of men owned a female cat, it would be "neustra" to agree with the female cat, "gata"

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