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"Han vil vite om jeg er spansk."

Translation:He wants to know whether I am Spanish.

July 30, 2015



How would I say "he will know that I am Spanish"?


"Han vil vite at jeg er spansk."


In English, we would likely say "He wants to know if I am Spanish" or, "He wants to know whether or not I am Spanish." The question is sort of an incomplete sentence the way it is.


There's possibly some dialectal variation in English, but "He wants to know whether I am Spanish" is perfectly fine to me (and your two alternatives both sound odd)

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I agree; when using the word whether in this way it is usually paired with "or not." And "if" is the more likely word to be used for such an inquiry. I'm an American who's lived in many regions of the USA.


I (native American English speaker) agree that 'whether' sounds just slightly off in this context, but it is acceptable. I also wonder whether (or not ;-) ) the coursemakers are deliberately using 'whether' instead of 'if' in the English sentence as a clue to help remind us that om, not hvis, is the appropriate Norwegian word to use in this context. Adding 'or not' to the English sentence would add words that would probably be superfluous to the Norwegian sentence, and would just add confusion when trying to translate to the Norwegian.

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