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"The dogs and cats play at night."

Translation:La hundoj kaj katoj ludas nokte.

July 30, 2015



What is 'dum', exactly?


Would one say that using 'nokte' here as an adverb would literally translate this to "The dogs and cats night-play"? Similar in fashion to saying "Li parolas angle" -> "He English-speaks" Instead of "Li parolas la anlgla lingvo" -> "He speaks the English Language"?

Sorry for my terrible English, I'm a U.S. American.


I think a better translation for 'nokte' would be 'nightly'. Therefore, "La hundoj kaj katoj ludas nokte" would be, "The dogs and cats play nightly". This is almost a similar usage as 'daily' in English although I admit that this translation conveys the assumption that it is a recurring event i.e. they play every night

[deactivated user]

    I didn't see why "dum" is incorrect above. I put "tra la nokto". Couldn't that also make sense here?

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