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  5. "Die Katze ist leicht."

"Die Katze ist leicht."

Translation:The cat is light.

December 31, 2012



The cat is "simple?" Isn't "einfach" "simple?"


The cat is light (weight) is probably what is meant.


Und der Hund ist schwer.


Yes "einfach" is "simple"


Sind nicht alle Katzen leicht?


I don't think Garfield is...


Sind nicht alle Katzen leicht?

Nein, meine Katze ist schwer!--No, my cat is heavy!


The English translation is odd to me. I've never heard lightweight used this way. Usually it's used with "a" as in "he's a lightweight." Or one might refer to fabric as a lightweight fabric. But if you want to say someone or something is the opposite of heavy, you say, "He/she/it is light." Is this a difference in usage between the US (where I am) and Great Britain?


No, in the UK we would say "the cat is light" or "he's a lightweight" as well. Presumably they are trying to stress we are talking about weight not colour.


Yes, the term "lightweight" comes from "light in weight", so it's more os a regional difference, I'd guess. Though as an American i can say that I often hear the term "light" used that way. :)


I can't hear her properly when she pronounces things... is it pronounced as leisht or leit or leikht


I think the correct pronunciation is your first example. I pronounce it as leisht with a very subtle 'sh' sound.


I think it's more like leiht but better search on Google for the correct pronunciation of the words of you can't be sure.


The cat would only be lightweight in English if it were a boxer or MMA fighter


Duo says this can also mean the cat is easy. As in easy to catch? Could someone please explain? Thanks.


I don't think that's the context you would use it in. I would pretty much always translate that as the cat is light (weight-wise)


what is "the cat is light" supposed to mean?


The cat is not heavy. The cat does not weigh much.


Is the cat in "Die Katze" female? because "Die" used for feminine? or it's because the word cat in German categorized as feminine ? can I put "Der Katze"

anyone could help me to get a better understanding? thanks.


The word Katze is grammatically feminine in German.

There is a word Kater which is masculine which specifically refers to a tomcat (i.e. a male cat), but if the sex of the cat is not relevant, I would use Katze even it happens to be a male cat. (Much as I would not use the word "tomcat" much in English.)


Why isn't, " the cat's light" not accepted?


You confused Duo by using " 's ". "He's" can be "he is" or "he has". "The cat has light" or "the cat is light"? Or or to display possession: "The light of the cat"?


Why isn't, " the cat's light" not accepted?

Contractions involving nouns are not automatically accepted.

I highly recommend that you do not use contractions after nouns.

Write "the cat is" and not "the cat's"; write "the people have" and not "the people've"; etc.


could you use this sentence to say the cat is easy-going or the cat is easy (to take care of)


What does this sentence means? It's weird. My mothertongue is Chinese. We don't have this kind of statement.


You can think of a situation like this. The cat was on diet and lost its weight. Now the cat is not heavy to lift but lightweight.


why the cat is little is not correct?


Because it is speaking of weight, not size.


English is not my official language.. What means lightweight


Car and cat is a simple typo, but car turns up as wrong.


Genau. Die Eule weiß nicht, was du meinst. Sie weiß nur, was du eintippst.

[Exactly. The owl doesn't know what you mean. It only knows what you type.]


Und what do we call the noun Light in german ..?


Do German adjectives also change their form?


They do when they are before a noun -- for example, die leichte Katze has an -e at the end of leicht, while ein leichter Apfel would have -er.

They don't when they are after "to be" as in this sentence.


I've heard light lots of times. I actually heard people so that something's light more that I've heard people say something's lightweight

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