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"Tu abrigo es muy grande para ella."

Translation:Your coat is too big for her.

December 31, 2012



The translation should be "Your coat is very big for her" -- "too big" is "demasiado grande":.


Literally, that is correct, but that is not a sentence you would normally hear in natural English. I actually prefer it when the program forces more natural translations. It gets you in the habit of realizing you aren't supposed to be translating word for word.


I guess the question then is, would this sentence ever actually be spoken in Spanish?


this is the first time that I hear "eja" and not eya for ella... are both correct?


In different parts of the Spanish-speaking world, the double L is pronounced with more of J sound; both are correct.


So "muy" means "too" as well as "very"? Can I alwazs use it like that?


Muy is definitely "very". "Too" is demasiado. The literal translation into English yields a sentence that we wouldn't normally use, but it's not unheard of in Spanish.

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