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Yet another conlang (and another and another and another...)

I have created a version of English with no gender, no plurals, no irregularities, no pronouns, no prepositions, no adverbs, no adjectives, just one verb, one noun and one tense.


The man runs along the street: Some Do Some
The woman runs along street Some Do Some
I run along the street: Some Do Some
A cat ran along the street: Some Do Some
They eat sanwiches and drink lemonade: Some Do Some Do Some
Please close the door: Do Some
BEWARE!: Do Some
A cat and a dog : Some Some

Its very simple, and super-easy to learn. I call it Dosome.

Even this language could trigger some controversies. Therefore I have created a new and more evoluted language, that has no tenses, no nouns, no adjectives and no verbs, just one active-pasive element. I called it the O-language

The man runs along the street: o
They eat sanwiches and drink lemonade: o
My first thought was, he lied in every word: o

I have created more evoluted languages, the casi-o language and the ni-casi-o language, the first with no words or sounds and the second even with no meanings.

(Maybe someone would like to propose dosome, o, casi-o or ni-casi-o for Language Incubator :p)

July 30, 2015



Thank you so much J.R.Nogal! Now after adding dosome, o, casi-o and ni-casi-o to the list of languages I fluently speak I can officially call myself a polyglot!

Some Do Some!


You're welcome.
It was a hard work, but someone had to do it: Some do some some do do some


I couldn't have said it better myself! It is indeed an excellent language in which to write rhyming poetry. Er . . . I mean . . . o.


o. o. o. o? o?

o; o. o. o!

Some Do Some. Some Some Do Some. Some Some Do Some. Some Do Some? Some?

Some Do Some; Some Do Some. Some Do Some Do Some. Do Some Some Do Some!


o? o, o, o! o...


Amazing, I would apply to such a course


Some do Some


(btw: "versión" is not an English word / Some do Some / o)

PS: It makes me remember Toki Pona / Some do some do some / o


Sorry! It has already been fixed.
Maybe I was tinking about the Espanish-Dosome or Hacealgo :p


Can we have a French one? Quelquefaire? LOL.


And we can have the Italian one, the 'Farecosa'...


This is the making of history.

Prepare to make millions.

Some do, do some!


It would be Great!


Rather reminiscent of the language spoken by the Librarian in the Diskworld books. (He's an orangutan - it's complicated)

"Ook. Ook. Ooooook. Ook."

Though I will admit that your language has more elegant simplicity :-P


Amazing! Reality imitates art.


Oook ook. Ook ooook! Ook.


You should still be ashamed of yourself because the world is not perfect.


You are right. I am ashamed and the world is not perfect. Have a lingot and have a great day.


I'm writing a book in o language. It's called "o".

The following is its text in its entirety:



It's so touching and so poetic. I just can say: o


How about this?

o. o o, o. o, "o"? o o, o o. o!


It seems to me a rather over detailed description, a little verbose. May I surest an amendment? You could summarize you points as follows:

o? o.


Oh! I want to read it! But... I have already read it...


At the risk of being one of those dreadful people with reform proposals, though your language is nearly perfect, I would like to suggest a class of adjectives, "kinda," and a class of adverbs, "thusly," at the risk of marring the delightful purity of your language.

And so, for "the man quickly gave the blue ball to the girl" we would have "some thusly do kinda some some."

I humbly offer (thusly some) these changes in the true spirit (kinda some) of your creation, and if you reject them, you clearly both misunderstand your own language (truly do kinda some) and hate humanity (do some).


This is a very interesting idea. To clarify my answer, I will write it using o-language:



O? O o o o o o . O o o. O. O. O o o!


Some some do some o o o.....??

Someone needs to write a full-length novel in this language! :)


How should we name it? "Some"? :D


Still too eurocentric. Do some some do.


O-language is the answer. Here is the whole grammar commented: o


You are a genius. I have faith that one of these languages will slowly spread across the world.

Some Do Some. Some Do Some Some Do Some



These have to be the best conlangs I have ever heard of. I just love how when spoken, they sound so elegant and beautiful. It's easy to understand and communicate with people with. Forget wannabe conlangs like Esperanto, these will became the universal second-languages of people across the globe!


I am so proud of you. O.

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