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  5. "Nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you!"

Translation:Приємно познайомитися!

July 31, 2015



doesn't this translate to "really pleasant"? my dad speaks Ukrainian and says nice to meet you would be "приєино побачити тебе"


Nice to meet you! - приємно зустріти тебе (вас)! Але при знайомстві з кимось після представлення відповідають "Дуже приємно" або, не офіційно, як варіант, "Радий знайомству"


I omitted дуже as I thought that was VERY nice to meet you


I accidentally wrote " Дуже Пріємно " instead of Дуже Приємно " so, I'm assuming 'И / І' can be used interchangeably or just in this specific case?

Or even more, it was just a typo & it's accepted? :X


Duolingo does not mark it as a mistake if you usre the wrong one. Of course, you cannot use them interchangeably because Ukrainian has certain orthography, and these letters represent vastly different pronunciation.


Okay thank you. I appreciate the response, I'll be careful to use the appropriate letter then.


The difference is similar to the difference between "sit" and "seat", only the sound of "s" in Ukrainian also changes before "i" but stays neutral before "и"


So the "и" is more like "sit" and the "i" is more like "seat", correct? But "и" seems to vary a lot with context. Sometimes it's more tense, closer to "seat", sometimes it's more open, as in "met", sometimes it's diphthongized into a kind of "u-e” or "u-i” sound. I haven't cracked the code of the phonology of "и" yet.

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