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"Saat dört buçuk, treni kaçırıyorsun!"

Translation:It is half past four, you are missing the train!

July 31, 2015



I know technically that "half 4" isn't correct English but...


Other than maybe a few Germans who aren't the best at English, I know no one who says that. We can't accept all possible variations of English :)


I think 90% of Brits would use "half four" in spoken English. It's hardly a minority dialect.


The difference being when Germans say "half 4" they mean 3:30. In some places we say "half 4" to mean half past 4, but take out the "past" for ease of saying. Maybe it's a British thingy..

I realise you can't fit all variations in, but FYI here's a definition from Oxford: "half one (or two etc.) informal way of saying half past one."

( Phrases, number 6 http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/half#half__33)


Yes, I think it's a British thing.

Duolingo generally uses American English, though.


Yes, in Germany we are saying half four, half one etc. , but in the case of half past four it would be half five (4.30) and not half four.(3.30)


It's said in English English. I only ever say/hear 'half four'.


Why" thirty minutes past four" not acceptable?


How would you say "You are missing the 4.30 train" ?


4:30 trenini kaçırıyorsun :) however I don't know how will it be if converted to words

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