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"Saat dört buçuk, treni kaçırıyorsun!"

Translation:It is half past four, you are missing the train!

July 31, 2015



I know technically that "half 4" isn't correct English but...


Other than maybe a few Germans who aren't the best at English, I know no one who says that. We can't accept all possible variations of English :)


I think 90% of Brits would use "half four" in spoken English. It's hardly a minority dialect.


The difference being when Germans say "half 4" they mean 3:30. In some places we say "half 4" to mean half past 4, but take out the "past" for ease of saying. Maybe it's a British thingy..

I realise you can't fit all variations in, but FYI here's a definition from Oxford: "half one (or two etc.) informal way of saying half past one."

( Phrases, number 6 http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/half#half__33)


Yes, I think it's a British thing.

Duolingo generally uses American English, though.


Yes, in Germany we are saying half four, half one etc. , but in the case of half past four it would be half five (4.30) and not half four.(3.30)


It's pretty standard here in Scotland as well, it's hardly an obscure dialectal thing we're asking you to accept lol. Silly to be marked wrong for the English here when it's an acceptable translation of the Turkish.


It's said in English English. I only ever say/hear 'half four'.


are missing has a special meaning such as he is missing his mother, and cannot be used for trains, unless of course an emotional attachment is involved; more idiomatic: you are going to miss the train


As a natural English speaker I would be more likely to say "It is half past four, you have missed the train". ', you are missing the train' sounds to be spoken as a non-natural English speaker. If the train has gone, you have missed it. You are not missing it, it has gone. Perhaps there would be slightly different Turkish format for my preferred version?


and you are more likely to be missing a person (emotional ties) rather than an object like a train


Why" thirty minutes past four" not acceptable?


How would you say "You are missing the 4.30 train" ?


4:30 trenini kaçırıyorsun :) however I don't know how will it be if converted to words

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