Looking for someone who speaks manx.

I am currently looking for someone who is able to help me learn the basics of manx. It was at one point an extinct language and now is on revival. I would love to be able to become a fluent speaker of it someday to help revive the language (theyre are other languages I would love to help revive but lets start off with something i kinda know) Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

7/31/2015, 1:13:16 AM


How is the quest for Manx coming along so far? I'm interested in most of the Celtic languages and will probably take up Manx myself at some point.

8/5/2015, 10:18:43 AM

I found a youtube channel that gave daily lessons for a year. it would teach you a phrase a day the channel is called Adrian Cain he also has other videos completely in manx

8/5/2015, 8:22:58 PM

Sounds like it might be worth a look in, I'm trying to concentrate more on Irish at the moment, but I have interest in Welsh and Manx as well. I want to take them all on now, but my best bet is to take it one at a time if I ever want to be at least proficient in any of them.

8/8/2015, 12:49:45 AM

i have been studying italian since i was 11 and recently started adding spanish these languages are very close (similarly to irish and manx). if you have the iniative its not to hard to not mix up the two but sometmes ill slip on a random rarely used word. doing 2 at one time wont be much of problem especially since the two have simalar vocabularies

doing two completely seperate languages (like italian and irish) can be more difficult because of word placements (irish is still a killer to me but i just started it) but it shouldnt be to bad ill find out in a few months myself haha

8/8/2015, 1:33:27 AM

Yeah that's a good point!

Yup I agree, Irish is the hardest language I have ever done, but I love it the most. I find repitition is very helpful lol

8/11/2015, 9:06:51 AM


good luck with welsh thats a mind boggling language i also found a scots-gael tv program if youre inrersted in it

8/11/2015, 3:37:52 PM

Thank you! Very interested! :)

8/13/2015, 1:35:25 AM
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