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Need some help with the norwegian

Hello,Norwegian people and Norwegian learners! I would like to ask if someone could recommend some norwegian movies/tv shows and songs that are sung in norwegian, since music,movies and tv shows help a lot when someone is learning a language. Thank you for your attention!

July 31, 2015



My favorite Norwegian show is i Kveld med Ylvis (a comedy/talk show, like a mix of Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres), you can find many bits and pieces of their shows scattered on YouTube, but these websites have links to full episodes on YouTube with English subtitles:

Here are some of my favorite videos to get you started:

[click the "cc" in the bottom right for subtitles]

A little heads-up that language is not censored on their show, so if swearing bothers you beware.

If you want to check out some other shows here is a list of NRK's programs that can be viewed abroad.

Enjoy :-)


You can find a lot of Norwegian versions of Disney songs on YouTube, a lot of which also have English subtitles. TVNorge is a channel with a lot of clips from Norwegian TV, again some of which have english subtitles. norli.no is a Norwegian bookshop that also has a fair selection of audiobooks on CD and download. You can get Norwegian radio on the TuneIn app, just search for NRK.


Try Lillyhammer, a highly entertaining show set in Norway which you will find on Netflix. The dialogue is mainly English, including some very strong language, but there is plenty of Norwegian going on.


If you want specific movies to try some of these out:

x Buddy

x Hawaii, Oslo

x Villmark

x Trollhunter

x Flåklypa

x Max Manus

x Elling (three movies in the series)

x O Horten

x Kautokeino Opprøret

x Kill Buljo

The list is only a few examples. Some are dramas, some are scary movies and some are just weird and funny. if non are to your taste you can try out some from these lists https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Norwegian_films

I really like Buddy, Flåklypa and Trollhunter myself :)


I have a friend whose mom (and maybe he does) speak Norwegian on Duolingo somewhere. I'll see if I can get his username next time I see him.


Not to state an obviously Norwegian song, but would the Norwegian National Anthem work?


Yeah,i thought about it too. Have to check it. Tusen takk for helpen! Muchas gracias por la ayuda!


"hjelpen". ;-)


Got it mixed up with english ahah


Easily done.


De nada, mi amigo.


Thank you all for helping. Tusen takk!


If you can access Norwegian Netflix you'll find some Norwegian films there with subtitles in English and also all of the English films/ programmes should have subtitles in Norwegian (and also Swedish, Icelandic, Finnish, Danish)

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