"Мої студенти зараз в університеті."

Translation:My students are at the university now.

July 31, 2015

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I wrote, "My students are now at a university." Should this be accepted?


It sounds like в університеті are meshed together. I hear this a lot in Ukrainian. Seems to confuse my English tuned ears sometimes when listening. Is this something you gradually get used to with more listening?


I guess yes, the more you listen the clearer you hear. It's just the way people speak, same in russian


Ooh err, so many options. My students are at the university now. My students are now in university. My students are in university now. But the most logical is my students are now in university. Or in university now. Ukrainian really makes you think about how you normally form sentences. Heart emoji.


I put "My students are now in university" and it wasn't accepted. As a native english speaker it seems right to me assuming the students are now university students and not just visiting the university."

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