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Subtitles + Netflix

If you want to add Turkish subs (or any language subs) to a Netflix stream:

1) Use "The Google" to find subtitles for the desired title, in the desired language.

2) Download the file. (Most likely a .srt file)

3) Use a program called Jubler to convert/save the file to .dfxp (you can use "The Google" to find it)

4) Start watching your program on Netflix. Press ctrl + alt + shift + t simultaneously.

5) Navigate to the .dfxp file. Click Open.

6) Enjoy.

Optional: Not really optional because the sound and text will probably be off by a few seconds, but you can use Jubler to shift the time of the subtitles.

July 31, 2015



That sounds cool! Since I am native speaker I am planning to use it for other languages. thanks for sharing!


This is for the HTML5 Netflix streams. If you're using Silverlight it would be ctrl + alt + shift + m and then a few more steps.

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