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"La bebo ploras ĉar nun ĝi estas malsata."

Translation:The baby is crying because it is hungry now.

July 31, 2015



Given we weren't given a gender for the baby, i chose to translate gxi as they since gxi can be either sxi and li. however as of this post it's not accepted.


"The baby is crying because now they are hungry" still isn't accepted. I use singular 'they' a lot (and my own pronoun is 'they'), but I wouldn't have thought to translate the sentence in that way had I not read your comment, I guess because I am so used to 'it' being the common gender neutral pronoun for babies.


This is one of those sentences where singular they just feels odd, and really makes me hate English's lack of a standalone gender neutral singular. Well, at least we have singular they at all.


Isn't a baby - "li"? Why he is "gxi" here?


A baby is often "it" in languages without grammatical gender on nouns such as English and Esperanto.


It'd say Esperanto is the most anglicanised language in the world...


...now it's hungry... - ne pravas ĉar estas granda eraro?

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