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  5. "Siz meyveyi yersiniz."

"Siz meyveyi yersiniz."

Translation:You eat the fruit.

July 31, 2015



I wrote "the fruits" but duo said it is "the fruit". Can anyone explain how to differentiate.


In english fruit generally used as both the singular and plural form. At least where I'm from.


Great knowledgeable teachers please help me :) 1) I'm confused when to use sen or siz or seni or size 2) what is the question particle "mi?"


Sen is used for single you when you're talking to one person and siz is used when you're talking to 2 or more people.


When should i put at the end iz ?


Siz is not "y'all" what poorly educated southern us english speaker qualified that as the "correct" answer. "We" should have been accepted as correct. ffs


whats the difference between i with a dot at the top and the turkish i with out any dot?


Turkish İ i with dot sounds a bit like English "ee" as in "see".

Turkish I ı without dot is a sound that doesn't exist in English. It's a bit like an unrounded version of "oo", or a bit like Polish "y" or Russian "ы" if you know those sounds.

Try listening to sinir (nerve) versus sınır (border) on Forvo, for example: https://forvo.com/word/tr/sinir/#tr ------ https://forvo.com/word/tr/s%C4%B1n%C4%B1r/#tr


I noticed that objects end with letter a in accusative state we add (yı), in case of objects end with letter e in accusative state we add (yi) is that correct?


You sure of this or not?


okay, thanks a lot for helping me :)!


i do not agree with 'y'all' i said 'you all' which is the non abbreviated way of saying the same word and it told me i was incorrect. who even uses 'y'all' if you're not from america. This is grammatically incorrect and does not make sense.


What is the different between these 2 sentences :

1) sen meyve yersin 2)siz meyveyi yersiniz

I think both has same mining and means you eat fruit!

Yes or no?


"Siz meyveyi yersiniz." Translation: You eat the fruit.


Good morning.

1) Sen meyve yersin - You eat fruit. The indefinite, direct object in the nominative case always goes immediately before the verb.

2) Siz meyveyi yersiniz. - You eat the fruit. The definite direct object in the (accusative) case.

I think both has same mining and means you eat fruit! - Yes.

The distinction between the two sentences is, you have picked a specific fruit at the table we are siting together at to eat.

Kind regards.


Can this also be a question? Like "do you want to eat fruit"?


No - for a question, you need either a question word sich as hangi "which?", ne "what?", or kim "who?", or the question particle mi.

For example, Siz meyveyi yer misiniz? would be "Do you eat the fruit?".


In "Meyveyi" I hear "...yv..." sounds "b". Is it alright?


Nope, and this is not the best pronunciation. It is pronounced exactly how it is written.



There shouldn't be a ''the'' in the answer, should there?


of course should be, meyveyi is about a specific fruit. Otherwise it would have been "siz meyve yersiniz"


Why we should put the before every word?


Could someone explain is there are a rule that tells how the accusative form of a noun will look like? So far, sometimes it's -yı, other times -yi, -i, -u, -ü... I'm really confused. Or is there no rule and the accusative form is just random?


This is explained in the tips and notes for the Accusative skill: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Accusative/tips-and-notes -- have a look at the "Vowel Harmony" section.

Have you been reading the tips and notes before starting each unit?


You mean that button with a lightbulb that pops up when I click on each unit? There's something wrong with it - when I learn chinese of french I can use those tips, but for some reason the button is gone when learn turkish :( I didn't know it was a bug, I thought maybe those tips haven't been done yet for turkish or something. Also don't know how to fix this. Do you have any idea what might be the problem? I don't wanna write comments here asking for help with every little thing :(


Yes, the lightbulb when you click on a unit.

Are you using a mobile app? Tips are available only for very few courses in the mobile apps -- for others, you will have to use the website https://www.duolingo.com/ to access them.


Oh, I got this now! Thank you!


I hate when they say it's false when i forgot to add "the"

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