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  5. "I lose the map on the boat."

"I lose the map on the boat."

Translation:Caillim an léarscáil ar an mbád.

July 31, 2015



So, what is the difference between "léarscáil" and "mapa"?


The first is actual Irish and the second is a redundant loan word


Odd that caill has no fada… a friend met an old man in Cill Éinne and remarked "táim caillte" (kyltche) and the man told him he'd be very sorry for him if that were so, as caillte (in that pronunciation meant castrated, whereas pronounced cáillte it meant lost…


Dialect. "Caillte" is pronounced "cáillte" in Connacht, but not elsewhere.

The word for castrated is "coillte" which also happens to be the word for "woods", but again, Connacht pronunciation of "coill" is notably different from Munster and Ulster:

The Connacht pronunciations don't match the written forms particularly well.


No. Just no. I personally refuse to acknowledge "mapa" (which is in the multiple choice version) as a legitimate word of my language. Why was it even borrowed in the first place? It wasn't even loaned from the actual Latin "mappa" but was filtered through English first and back into Irish. It has a completely different linguistic source (Hebrew by way of Phoenician or Punic) and ultimately means nothing, while léarscáil has etymological significance for us, which I reckon is "true reflection."


❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ it Pól!


I wrote i lost the boat on the map lol :D

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