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"Su administración es del mismo partido."

Translation:Her administration is from the same party.

October 19, 2013



Wrote "Their administration is from the same party", and was rejected.


Ditto i reported it though. It should be correct


I had a lot of trouble understanding this sentence as a whole, although it was easy to get a correct translation.

"administration" combined with "party" makes me think of government. In that context, I think of "administration" as the total activity of the government, not something that can really be owned by one person. Or, when I do think of "her administration", I think of it as meaning all the government activity that she oversees, and I don't see where being from the same party makes sense.

But now I think that "her administration" must mean "the rest of the government besides her [the leader]".

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I put: His administration is of the same party and it was accepted. But I would say it belongs to the same party rather than it is of the same party.


I wrote his administration and was marked wrong


It's accepted now.


Why not "their"?


I wondered the same thing


I know, it's ridiculous isn't it? No indication whatsoever if it's his, her or their and we're supposed to just guess the right one! The sentence sounds ridiculous in Spanish and English too!!


This is the first time i have seen de + lo =del


It's not de + lo. It's de+el. El mismo partido. It's only lo mismo when there's no noun after it


I fell foul of the same thing. It seems to be taking a long time for "their administration" to be marked as correct after so many people have reported it.


This might be a silly question because I'm already on level 11 but why cant it it be "his administration", i thought "su" could be his/her. also what about the statement indicates that it is "her administration".


"his", "her", "your", "their" should all be valid here. Usually, Duolingo accepts all the valid ones, but from reading the comments here, it sounds like some of them are still being marked invalid.


"His administration is from the same game" is accepted although I don't think it should be.


I left as an answer:

Your administration is from the same game.

And unbelievably this is marked as accurate even though that makes no sense in English. (Native English speaker.)


It rejected "by the same party" even though that was one of the vocabulary choices and it is the way you would normally say it in English.


"by the same party" doesn't really make sense for this sentence. It means that the administration and whatever else you're talking about are from the same political party, in which case "from the same" or "of the same" or "belong to the same" would be the choices, instead of "by the same party" which implies that something was done by that party.

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