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"The ones who preferred the red box are now happy."

Translation:Kırmızı kutuyu tercih edenler şimdi mutlu.

July 31, 2015



I would've placed the plural on mutlu but then again I still haven't grasped Turkish.


What is wrong with "Tercih edenler kırmızı kutuyu şimdi mutlu" Until now the relative clause always came before the noun to which it belongs. Pls. could anybody explain it to me?


'kırmızı kutuyu' is the direct object of 'tercih edenler' and therefore comes before the verb in this part of the sentence. As I see it you might rewrite the sentence to 'Kırmızı kutuyu tercih eden kişiler şimdi mutlu' - the subject noun of the sentence comes after the relative clause. With '... edenler ...' the subject is kind of integrated into the verb of the relative clause.


Thank you, that helped me a lot


How is olan used? Can some one explain


I think "olan" is used in the same way as any of the object participles in this lesson. for example Mühendis olan Alex şimdi mutlu - Alex who became an engineer is happy now.

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