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"The end of the year is in December."

Translation:La fino de la jaro estas en decembro.

July 31, 2015



If anyone is wondering, "la jarfino estas en decembro" is accepted. :)


I came to the comments for that reason exactly! Was not disappointed!


I'm wondering if JE would be more correct than EN in this context because it isn't possibly to actually be inside December.


I used je and got it wrong, but i agree with you


Is it that "decembre" is only acceptable for repeated occurrences of something (ekz. "Ni vojagxas decembre"?)


I was wondering the same thing. "decembre" is reject in this case...

I googled for answers and apparently "decembre" is not even a word in Esperanto. Can someone confirm this? If its true, why is it that months can't be transformed into adverbs?

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