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"Nosotras no vamos a querer vino."

Translation:We are not going to want wine.

October 19, 2013



I liked this "we won't want wine". 4 'w's in a row.

[deactivated user]

    I always struggle with 'want <-> love'. Why is 'We are not going to love wine' incorrect? Am I missing something here, or might it be a correct answer?


    I had this problem to, then asked one of my Spanish-speaking friends. You may be confused because "Te quiero" means "I love you," or "I care about you," but querer in that phrase is special. I believe it's another Spanish idiom that doesn't directly translate. The verb "amar" more specifically means "to love." So when you say "Te amo," that means "I love you," but it's a stronger kind of love, like between 2 lovers. Also, "we are not going to love wine" makes absolutely no sense anyway.


    That helps a lot, Dakota, thanks.


    Querer is used for love when talking about people. For objects, you would use encantar.

    "Me encanta este vino" would be "I love this wine." (Like gustar, the sentence flows backwards, with the verb in the 3rd person singular: "This wine is enchanting to me.")


    Shouldn't "We wont want wine." be accepted?


    Pero yo voy a querer vino.


    How do you know when to use Nosotros or Nosotras?


    All female = nosotras. All male or mixed = nosotros. What Duo is looking for = ???????? ;)


    DuoLingo can sometimes be very confusing in what they want. There is no context in this sentence to indicate "nosotras"should be used, however this is what they want. If in a previous sentence or paragraph there is an indication of a feminine group then nosotras would be the correct choice. Strictly speaking given the current context they should have used nosotros. You will find this sort of thing through out these lessons, but it is anyone's guess as to why.


    I think it's because the "default" in the rest of the world is the masculine, so maybe Duo is trying to get us to remember that there are feminine forms for ellas and nosotras instead of only/always doing the masculine.


    Why "we shall not want wine" is not acceptable?


    Use of shall looks a bit archaic for me.


    "We won't want any wine" was not accepted. This should still be correct.


    why is 'we are not going to like wine' wrong?


    Finally, a sentence I could actually use...


    querer means either love or want just use common sence to find which one works


    quere - quero what's the difference?


    you (formal) he she it want vs I want


    But you " we wan not want wine???


    Would taking out the Nosotras mean the same thing?


    This would never happen in my group....so yeah, this makes no sense..


    Why is it nosotras and not nosotros ?

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