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  5. "Gece gözlük tak!"

"Gece gözlük tak!"

Translation:Wear glasses at night!

July 31, 2015



Shouldn't it be gecete?


No, "gece,gündüz, sabah,akşam,öğle,öğleden sonra, akşamüstü, gece yarısı..." generally,these are not used with locative form.these can be used ALONE to mean "at,in" ● Sabah geleceğim - I will come in the morning ●Geceyarısı dışarı çıkma - Dont go out at midnight


What's wrong with "At night wear glasses!"? I (native speaker) can't detect any difference in meaning - I'm just stressing "at night" a little. Or would that be a completely different sentence in Turkish?


My understanding is: "Wear night glasses!" which is wrong, so couldn't it be more clear using "Gecede gozluk tak" or "Gecelerde gozluk tak"


Night-glasses would be "Gece gözlüğü". As evren52 pointed out, Turkish does not use Locative Case for parts of the day (gece, akşam, sabah, etc).

In case you'd like an "official" source, I will link to a Turkish grammar e-book that describes this. (page 202-203: "Case marking and its absence in expressing location in time) --> HERE


In English I think we might command "put on" rather than wear.


(Gece )without de ? How?


I've written "gece gözlükta" but it is accepted as right. Why? It doesnt sound right, I just wrote it without thinking, by error


How can you know when to put at night or just night as both are gece. Because it translates to me as night wear glasses where is (at) in this sentence.

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