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  5. "Jenta leser en meny."

"Jenta leser en meny."

Translation:The girl is reading a menu.

July 31, 2015



Can this also be 'the menu'?


That's the definite form, which translates to "menyen" in Norwegian.


Why is this "en meny" "a menu" when, in a previous lesson, it was "one menu"?


"A menu" and "one menu" are pretty much the same thing. The distinction is not made by Norwegian.

[deactivated user]
    • én meny - one menu
    • en meny - a menu

    If there is no acute (´) accent present, it's translated as "a/an" because the most correct way of writing the numeral one is with the accent.

    In speech, the cardinal number one is pronounced /eːn/ unlike the article which is pronounced /ən/.

    Click here to listen to IPA symbols being pronounced.


    Og det var klokken han knew the store, "MENY" was named after the menu

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