"Come under my umbrella!"

Translation:Benim şemsiyemin altına gel!

July 31, 2015

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Can someone help me understand why "şemsiyem altında gel" is incorrect? Somehow in my mind "şemsiyemin altına" feels more like "the underneath of the umbrella," which you would rarely actually say. I'm not challenging the Duo translation; just trying to understand these positional words better.


You've probably figured this out by now, but for future readers: ‘alt’ means ‘the underside, the bottom’, so if you want to say ‘the underside of the umbrella’ you would have to use the definite possessive construction (genitive on the owner and third person possessive on the owned thing), that is ‘şemsiyenin altı’. Of course, if you're talking about ‘my umbrella’ that becomes ‘şemsiyem’ → ‘şemsiyemin altı’. To say that you are ‘under’ something, Turkish literally says ‘at the underside of’, so we add locative to that phrase above, resulting in ‘şemsiyemin altında’. The sentence we are trying to translate, however, has ‘under the umbrella’ as the ‘target’ of a movement, rather than a static location, so dative is used (-e/-a), i.e.: ‘şemsiyemin altına’.


I think -da is wrong anyway, because you want to them move from where they are to the area beneath your umbrella, so it should be dative (-a).


These types of postpositions (called type 1 postpositions) are just formed like this. I wish I had a better answer :)


Why is şemsiyemin altına gel! wrong????


It isn't. If it isn't accepted, report it.


why 'altına' and 'altında' pease, if anyone can help me?


altına with -a is the dative case: to a particular place

altında with -da is the locative case: at a particular place

So after he has come şemsiye altına (to the place underneath the umbrella), he is şemsiye altında (at the place underneath the umbrella).


"Come under my umbrella!" Translation: Benim şemsiyemin altına gel!


Şemsiyemin altına gel!

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.

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