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"El encargado"

Translation:The manager

5 years ago



I swear this program is possessed. Just a while ago, I was wrong because I said 'el encargado' was ' the assistant' and was told that 'boss' or 'person in charge' were the acceptable answers. This time, I was wrong when I wrote 'boss' and was told the 'manager' is the correct answer. Maybe we should post warnings for the next ones coming up. I'm not sure how to do it in an organized way so people could find it easily. Maybe a standard title for everyone? Suggestions?

5 years ago


'The person in charge' is wrong? really.

5 years ago


Just got the same response. I submitted it as a problem... Hopefully it will be fixed.

5 years ago


Nope. Hasn't been fixed...

5 years ago

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Earlier on this was 'leader' now it wants manager.

More wierdness.

5 years ago