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  5. "No, the baguettes' recipes."

"No, the baguettes' recipes."

Translation:Non, les recettes de baguettes.

December 31, 2012



why not "des" baguettes?


The "de" is used as a possesive here. It is the recipes OF (de) the baguettes.


The point laliga is trying to make is why not des ? It also means of the but in plural form and is being used here in conjunction with baguettes which is plural.

So the question remains why not_des_ ?


I don't think I understand why "de" could be correct. Can someone explain? (I wrote "des" and it was called correct, but I see "de" is also accepted.)


After some reading on the subject I have reached a (perhaps false) conclusion. de should be used when referring to the general rather than the specific. In this case, recipes of baguettes in general. Had it been referring to particular baguettes recipes of the baguettes then it would have been correct to use des.

In this exercise les refers to the recipes not to the baguettes. They are baguettes in general hence de.

Of course I may be completely wrong so don't necessarily take my word for it. However looked at in this way the answer given does make sense.

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