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"Çocuklar orada dolaşırken biz burada yemek yedik."

Translation:We ate food here while the kids were hanging around there.

July 31, 2015



can't we use "wandering" instead of "hanging around"?


Not really..."wander" has the meaning of 'walking around without aim' and it often has a literary purpose (specifically in existentialism). It can also be "to stray off." This word is often used by Turks for 'gezmek' and 'dolaşmak,' but (at least to me) isn't always the best translation.


If it accepts 'walking around' (which it does) then it should also accept 'wandering' because they are exact synonyms.


Wandering can be used for "dolaşmak". It should be accepted. In this sentence, the children are not walking around with an aim. So, I'm afraid Duolingo is wrong here for not accepting "wandering"...


Hanging around isn't correct English - it is American slang!


You are writing in the forum developed by an American company with a native American-English speaker who helped develop the course. :) We primarily use American English in this course I wouldn't consider this slang by any means. We try to accept alternatives from all the Englishes around the world though.


Really?I also thought wandering around.


why do you insist on "hanging around" beeing exact translation for "dolaş/rken" and not accepting "walking arround"? Pls, check the following comment: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/8554719


While the children were walking around there, we ate food here = this one is accepted :)

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