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"Se eu tivesse de fazer isso, eu faria em oito anos."

Translation:If I had to do it, I would do it in eight years.

October 19, 2013



"Se eu tivesse QUE fazer isso, eu faria em oito anos." is correct too.


I believe your portuguese sentence is more appropriate and correct.


Can't it be "If I had to do that"?


If I had to do it, I would take 8 years (to do it). This is very common when saying how long it would take to complete a task. But I was marked wrong.

However, this could mean 'If I had to do it, I would begin in 8 years' In English too, so I am a little confused here.. Help?


DL's sentence could be expressed with less redundancy:

If I had to do it, it would take [me] eight years.


I think the second is more accurate here. I thought of it as if two women were discussing having children and one said, 'If I had to do it (have children), I would do it in eight years'. This can consequently be put into many other situations, as well, such as job changes and the like, though it seems like an awful long time!


Does this mean that I'll start the task in eight year's time, or that the task itself will take me eight years to complete?


In spanish we can say "tener que" instead of "necesitar" -- this is the first I'm seeing "ter que" instead of "precisar" for portuguese. Is this use always acceptable, or are there only particular instances where you can say "ter que"? Obrigado! :)


Isn't the correct expression: eu faria-o em oito anos?


Why is 'o' before faria omitted in this sentence? Don't you need the anaphoric pronoun to refer to 'isso'?

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