"Eu teria feito um bolo se eu tivesse tido tempo."

Translation:I would have made a cake if I had had time.

October 19, 2013

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Ah, the good ol' "had had" rearing it's head at last...


Don't trust in the pronunciation of "bolo" because it's wrong. I reported this for duolingo. Although, "bolo" seems like "bowl" with the "o" in the end, I could write "bowlow".

That's it. I hope it helps someone.


Yes, "bolo" here does sound bizarre (in both audio versions). It should sound like [ˈbo.lu]. I have reported it as well.


Listened to "bolo" + ten times and still did not make out the word. Still bad audio Dec 15


"I would have made a cake if I had time" or "I would have made a cake if I had the time." are far better translations in my opinion

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    Leaving out the first had in the "if" clause changes the focus from a past condition to a present condition/situation.

    The past condition reflects impossibility (often linked to regret) while the present condition indicates a slight possibility of something happening.


    Those would translate as "Eu teria feito um bolo se eu tivesse tempo", without "tido"! The sentences you suggest would carry a general meaning, the person would mean he would have baked if he had time in general, whereas "se eu tivesse tido tempo" sounds more like the guy didn't have time in a specific situation or period of time.


    As emeyr says, you really need both, but I'd abbreviate to 'if I'd had time' to make it sound better.


    How do i say, i would make a cake if i had time ?


    Eu faria um bolo se (eu) tivesse tempo.


    Would this work too? "I would have made a cake had I had time", I'm not sure it's correct but it feels better than "..if I had had.."

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