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List of Norwegian Resources, Music, & More

Hei alle sammen!
There are many threads on the forums with some great resources for learning Norwegian, but they are all scattered about, which makes it difficult to find something specific. So I've decided to scan the forums and compile a list of (free!) resources which could be useful for all us Norwegian learners! If you are looking for something specific or are not sure where to start, leave a message on my profile and I'll see if I can help you out.

Courses, Grammar Lessons, Educational Books, Etc.

Norwegian Teacher Karin
Learn Norwegian Naturally
Norwegian Class 101

• Official Memrise Course Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 (there is native audio for every single word/phrase)
A1 Beginner Norwegian with Audio
5000+ Most Common Words Part 1
Duolingo Norwegian Vocab
Duolingo Norwegian (Tree 2.0)
Learn Norwegian with News

Interactive Grammar & Vocab Excercises
Exploring Norwegian Grammar
Norsk som andrespråk
Språkrådet (FYI if the window is not wide enough, the grammar subjects will not show up)
Håndbok i grammatikk og språkbruk (you can also read the accompanying book for this site here)
• Norsk start: 1-4 | 5-7 | 8-10 (access Nynorsk version by clicking til nynorsk in the top right)
Kaleido | Lek med språket (interactive exercises for vocab, grammar, & more; access Nynorsk version by clicking til nynorsk in the top right)
Kaleido | Main Site (interactive exercises for Kaleido textbooks)
På vei
Stein på stein

Learn-Norwegian.net | Pronunciation Guide
Norwegian Teacher Karin | Norwegian Sounds
• Learn NoW by NTNU: Alphabet | Vowels | Dipthongs | Consonants | Consonant Clusters | Retroflex Sounds
Sounds Good App (iOS only) by NTNU - this app helps you differentiate between similar sounds in both speaking and listening

Learn NoW by NTNU (this one is "moving to Norway" themed)
Learn NoW by NTNU 2 (this one is "moving to Norway for studies" themed)
CALST by NTNU (listening & speaking exercises for different dialects, and FYI this only works well in Chrome)
FSI Norwegian
Sett i Gang

More Vocabulary & Grammar Sites
Nynorsk Senter
Lexin | Bildteman | Bokmål & Nynorsk Picture Dictionary
Book2 | English-Norwegian Audio Course
• Download English-Norwegian and Norsk-Engelsk Dictionaries for Mac (the dictionaries will begin downloading when you click the link)
• Linguanaut - Norwegian (nynorsk) Phrases

Dialect Database (click kart, then click a square on the map, then click the .mp3 or .wav file to hear an excerpt from Nordavinden og Sola read in that dialect)
CALST by NTNU (listening & speaking exercises for different dialects, and FYI this only works well in Chrome)

Textbooks & Grammar Guides
Sometimes publishers put previews, or occasionally whole books, online. Sometimes books are so old that they become open to the public. And sometimes, I'm given a link to an awesome Google Drive folder with a bunch of ebooks in it (which are probably not supposed to be available to the public for free, so use them wisely). [RB = Recommended Book/s]

The aforementioned Google Drive folder {RB: Håndbok i Grammatikk og Språkbruk | Sånn kan du si det | Hva vi sier og hva vi mener
GAN Aschehoug (Publisher) {RB: Nye Ord 5, 4, and 3
Fagbokforlaget (Publisher) {RB: MiniGrammatikk | Ordriket
Cappelen Damm (Publisher) {RB: Kaleido textbooks - I can't get the link to work so go here, search for Kaleido, then click filters> language> norsk (these are textbooks for Norwegian primary school students, so they have easy explanations and short stories)
På Vei Textbook
Duolingo Norwegian Tips & Notes PDF
made by Duo user kylwllt

Norwegian Immersion - organized by amaratea
List of Articles
Discussion Page

Culture & Life

Visit Norway

Life in Norway
My Little Norway
A Frog in the Fjord

Art, Mythology, & Folktales
Stand Still. Stay Silent. | Webcomic "A post apocalyptic webcomic with elements from Nordic mythology, set 90 years in the future." Not strictly Norwegian-themed, but very interesting nonetheless. Includes this cool comparison of Nordic languages.
Study In Norway | Culture
• Norwegian folktales in Norwegian, in English, and in audio book form
Visit Norway | Arts & Culture
Norse Mythology
Shmoop | Mythology (scroll down a bit to see the sections on Norse mythology)
Internet Archive | The Heroes of Asgard: Tales From Scandinavian Mythology

TV Shows, Cartoons, Etc.

I Kveld Med Ylvis
(a talk/comedy show) [PG16 for language]
IKMY Season 1 (full season & subs)
IKMY Season 2 (only 3 subbed episodes)
IKMY Season 3 (just a few clips from the season)
IKMY Season 4 (full season & subs)
• IKMY Season 5: Unicef Spesial | Ep. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | (nearly all episodes subbed)
Other Ylvis Shows & Videos:
Ylvis in English | ALL
Norges Herligste

(a Norwegian TV channel - everything from comedy to nature programs)
NRK Super (kid's shows)
NRK TV (all programs available outside Norway)
NRK Skole (basically Norwegian PBS or Discovery)

Himmelblå (eh.. I haven't actually watched this yet so I can't provide a summary :/)
• Season 1, 2, and 3

Cartoon Network
Disney Norge (also see links to Norwegian disney songs below)
Peppa Pig

Music & Podcasts

Not sure where to start? Check out this playlist of varied Norwegian music to help you find something you like!

Norwegian Stations on TuneIn
Norwegian Stations on ListenLive
NRK Radio
hknyildirim's Spotify playlist
kim-gab's Spotify playlist

Albums & Playlists
• Bergtatt: YouTube playlist
• Bjørn Eidsvåg: Landet Lenger Bak | Hittil og Littil | En Vakker Dag | Nåde
Disney Songs in Norwegian, there are also more songs here and here
• Jahn Teigen: Lys | Til Kongen
• Kaizers Orchestra: 250 Prosent | Våre Demoner | Evig Pint | Maskineri | Violeta Violeta Vol. I, Vol. II, & Vol. III | Ompa til du dør
• Karpe Diem: Heisann Montebello
• Lars Vaular: D'E Glede | Du Betyr Meg | Helt Om Natten, Helt Om Dagen | Helt Ute På | La Hat-Et Nytt Dagslys | 1001 Hjem | 666 Alt | 666 Gir
• Madcon: Contakt
• Razika: På vei hjem | Ut til de andre | Program 91
• Siri Nilsen: Skyggebokser | Alle Snakker Sant | Vi Som Ser I Mørket
• Wardruna: Yggdrasil | Gap Var Ginnunga

(I either couldn't find whole albums or there were mostly English songs on them)
• Gabrielle: Regn fra blå himmel | 5 fine frøkner | Mer | Ring meg | Sitter her | Mellom skyene | Mildt Sagt (album)
• Katastrofe: Bleik og sur | Typisk norsk
Norges nasjonalsang | Norway's National Anthem
• NRK Super: Sveve på luft
Respekt for Grandiosa (a song about frozen pizza - embrace it)
• Sondre Justad: Det e over | Nu har du mæ/Nå har du meg | Riv i hjertet
• Staysman & Lazz: En godt stekt pizza
• Svalestup: Kjærlighet og tvil
• Verdensrommet: Alt det du sier | Gi meg alt | Der hvor du aldri kan stå | Nytt
• Virkelig: Cecilie
• Ylvis: La Det På Is | Sammen Finner Vi Frem | Unnskyld, Kjære Oslo | Jeg Heter Finn | Da Vet Du At Det Er Jul | Ka Kan Eg Gi Deg?

NRK Radio (this is just the link to the main site, there are many different podcasts on it)
Klar Tale

News, Comics, & Other Reading Material

Norwegian reading for non-grammar related purposes.

• Klar Tale (made specifically for learners): Main Site | News in Images | Nynorsk News
NRK Supernytt (news for kids - short & easy to read articles)

Bergens Tidene | Tegneserier
Aftenposten | Tegneserier
Dagbladet | Tegneserie

Reading Materials
Norske Folkeeventyr | Norwegian Folktales (you can also listen to folktales here)
Norsk Wikipedia
Bokselskap (free ebooks)


Games that are available in Norwegian so you can learn as you play.
(under construction)
• Hay Day: Amazon | Android/Google | iOS
• Little Alchemy: Android/Google | iOS | Windows
• Moomin - Welcome to Moomin Valley: Android/Google | iOS
• Peak - Brain Games: Amazon | Android/Google | iOS
• Quizkampen: Android/Google | iOS

Thanks to stonesong, luke51991, lewhan, mundgeirr, hknyildirim, Odin, stochasticwave, hknyildirim, kim-gab, bavarix, dragging_moose, Gwendala, blazes8n, mehransk, Smikkelaar, kylwllt, amaratea, migette, SusannaG1, Francy-Chan, hpchicken, and outofthedark for their contributions!

( ・ᴗ・ )

Let me know if you have anything to add (please use this form so I can find things quicker), or if a link doesn't work. Also, I'm still working out how to keep everything organized as many links could go under more than one category, so if you have any ideas or feedback on the organization, I'd be glad to hear it!
Ha det bra!

Last Updated: 15 September 16
July 31, 2015



Thanks, just added it! ・ᴗ・


klartale.no is such a good resource!


Thanks a lot for your effort to collect that amount of information! I found it very useful :D

I will contribute with one huge website with material for Nynorsk because I know there are some people interested in this standard variety. It has grammar, music, readings, articles etc. for all tastes. The website is completely in Norwegian so it's more for people who have already a decent level in the language (even though if you have learned bokmål you can understand it without problems)

Nynorsksenteret: http://www.nynorsksenteret.no/


Takk skal du ha! ・ᴗ・


Where is the Burzum?) "Det som engang var" is perfect!


Thank you, eriicaaa, for the resources. For all metal fans out there, a good band (in my opinion) is Kvelertak. They sing in Norwegian, but it can be difficult to understand the lyrics. Maybe not a good band to learn Norwegian, but surely a good one to headbang. One of my favorite songs from them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7sIqyoRFiU


Listening to Norwegian black metal, and The 3rd and the Mortal/Kari Rueslatten is what made me want to start learning!


Kvelertak are brilliant. I saw them in Bergen supporting Maiden last year (2014), but missed them in Newport last month >_< Blodtorst is a awesome song. Good post, dude.


haha, bad luck! I never had the chance to see them. I love how they mix different types of music, making something unique. I especially like the black metal sound in some of their songs, like Nekrokosmos. Their music is brutal, catchy, and the Norwegian language fits their sound perfectly.


God, I love Ylvis. They're a big reason why I'm even learning Norwegian. Sometimes I wish they had more songs in their own language, since the majority of their songs seem to be in English (no complaints there, though, since that makes it easy for me xD). I don't know if you meant to include all of them, or if you were just naming a few, but there's some more Norsk songs of theirs that I think people might be interested in. 1. Da Vet Du At Det Er Jul, 2. Jeg Heter Finn, 3. Kjempeform (baby Ylvis, really), 4. Ytterst På Tissen ( really, very NSFW but it's still, technically, in Norwegian), 5. Ka Kan Eg Gi Deg (from the YLVIS III stageshow - Bergen pronunciation at its finest), 6. Brilleslange (Just the younger brother in this one, but it's a cute song).

:) Thanks for compiling this list.


It's nice to meet another Ylvis fan. ・ᴗ・ Most people are just like, "Oh, are those the guys from the fox song?"
I almost put Da Vet Du At Det Er Jul on the list but I thought it might be a bit - shall we say surprising? - for people who have never seen Ylvis and think it's some demented Christmas song (which it kind of is, but in a funny way ・ᴗ・).
I completely forgot about Jeg Heter Finn, but I'll add it now. I think I've seen/heard songs 5 6 but I don't really remember them so I'll have to find them and add them.

If you're on Tumblr you've probably heard already, but Bård Vegard are supposedly working on a new show for Comedy Central called "Ylvis in America". I don't know if they've officially signed on with the network or anything, but it sure would be fun to see them on air in the US.

And thank you for thanking me for making this list, but I have to admit that I quite enjoy researching/organizing these types of things, so it's really no problem. ・ᴗ・ Plus, it's a great way to procrastinate summer reading and still feel productive.


Yes! I've heard about this and am wringing my hands waiting to find out more information. I'm curious about the possibilities (some actor auditions have been circulating and they're...interesting). However, I must admit I am more concerned about IKMY5 at this point. They haven't released any more information about it and I have every plan to get show tickets and then fly to Norway to be in the live audience. They're just making it very hard for me considering they've been super secretive about everything. But all in due time I'm sure we'll get the answers everyone is looking for. Very nice to meet another fan of the boys! :)

[deactivated user]

    late to the game but yes if they do ever release ikmy 5 info if you have the means to go I totally recommend it - I flew in from the states last year for it, was in the first row and had a blast :)


    i wish, but i don't think it's likely anymore. :( i think they may be moving it back to december near christmastime? at least that's what vegard said in an interview (though who knows really). they were taking too long to release information and i was anxious to purchase my tickets to the show so that i had the proper dates and could then book the flight and hotels. but now that it sounds like it's going to be much later my friend and i are not going to be able to go. such a bummer because i have heard from many people, like you, how great of an experience it is. i will have to experience it through your memories for now, lol. i will get to norway one day, and i will see them one day too (whether for ikmy 6/12/100 or for a concert or something). i'm determined. :D

    [deactivated user]

      Yeah I don't think I'm going this season either (though I'm still on the fence a little - winter travel from where I live can be difficult with the snow we get). But yes going to Norway is totally worth it even if it isn't Ylvis based :) I've been 4 times now and though Ylvis has kind of been apart of every trip (2 concerts, IKMY and a Raske Menn show) they were always just the bonus of going :)


      Hi, fellow Ylvis friends :) Glad to see you here! eriicaaa, if you ever want to expand on your list, let me know, as I know lots of music that I would be happy to share, as well as other random resources. --- otherwise, just wanted to say hei :)


      Of course I would love more resources, so please do share them! Especially music, the music section could use some variety.


      This is the spotify list I made earlier with lots of norwegian music (450+). =) Thanks for doing this post!



      I totally am on board for this fanclub. There seems to be quite a lot of us (at least in the Norwegian side of Duo) that are fans of the brothers. ^^


      Yes to the Ylvis fan club - I am a huge fan. I'm not on Tumblr so it's nice to hear about what it was they were doing in the US - thanks for the info. No one else I know "gets" Ylvis, so it's nice to connect with a few other fans!


      Fantastic! I will work on a list this week :) The music is no problem at all. I have tons that hopefully someone will enjoy listening to.


      do you have any norwegian music?


      Great, so many Ylvis fans. ^_^ I'm with you guys! Absolutely in love with these wonderful men. Nice to meet all of you.)


      those are the boys from de Fox song? wow i didn't know that, I like their show!


      now that song makes a loooooot more sense!


      The segments where they take over the car radio, or the waiting room radio, or the elevator computer voice, etc., are genius--and in Norwegian!


      I am glad that I am not the only one, who learn Norsk because of Ylvis brothers! Yeay!


      This is the spotify list I made earlier with lots of norwegian music (450+). =) Thanks for doing this post!



      Thanks, I've just added it!
      (over a week later, I know - a certain laptop charger decided to break)


      For music lovers of all genres, my friend shared with me this updating site of music that you can sort by genre, with Norwegian artists singing in English and Norwegian. I've spent a lot of time exploring it and it's a really great way to expand your listening, no matter what your tastes are!



      That's really great job, thank you! :))


      Ingen årsak! ᵔᴗᵔ


      what's the difference between ingen and nei? I don't understand it. '-'


      "ingen årsak" means "no problem!"


      yes but why can't I say "nei årsak?


      Hei! Perhaps this will help.

      In English, we use "no" for at least a couple of different purposes:

      1. "no", as in the opposite of "yes": no, I don't want to go; no, thank you. For this, you would use "nei"
      2. "no", as in a lack of something: no chance; no apples. For this, you would use "ingen".

      "no worries" would fall into that second purpose of "no".


      Well it is fantastic what you did. We have a lot of materials here. I began two months ago to study norwegian and my method was duolingo and after ir I read books for children (http://www.childrensbooksforever.com/childrenpages/Norwegian.html ). They were very good for me, but last one is a mistake wehen you try to go to it you are going to another book in nynorsk I think. Well I tried to get antother books like them for children, I am not very good in norwegian for other difficult books yetn i think and I couldn't get it. do you know if its posible to get more pages like this with book for children?, thanks a lot.


      Thank you for the link!


      Such a helpful list! You may consider adding Norwegian123 -> https://norwegian123.com/ It's a free blog covering learning methods, norwegian grammar and the culture of Norway.


      If someone would like to buy Norwegian e-books and can't find the place (because of only local address or only local paying method), I just found ebok.no, I simply registered and paid with my bank card there.


      If anyone is interested in some more Norwegian music, let me know!


      Thanks for posting such a great list of things to help. Just wanted to update the music bit, as I know of a few Norwegian bands as I'm into metal, but I stumbled upon a fantastic Norwegian folk/runes band a few months ago, I recommend. Played with old/norwegian instruments and very cool. Called Wardruna www.wardruna.com Here's an example, with some Norse mythology info written in the notes section. I love this song/band. https://youtu.be/z0PvZGVPiJU


      Also I recommend TYR . It is folk/viking metal and they sing in Old-Norwegian. I can understand most of the lyrics


      They sing in Faroese, actually, I believe.


      Oh, I love Wardruna <3 (One of the reasons why I learn norwegian, although their lyrics are in old norse or sth. like that :D, but erm, I love vikings and that times )


      Great, comprehensive list! Norwegian music is what got me started in the language so I'm glad to see you included a classic like Kaizers Orchestra up on there. You might wanna include the band "Razika" though - they're a pop/indie rock/ska band from Bergen. Bergensk is obviously a bit more common sounding than Kaizers' Jaeren, one could argue. All their music is available on YouTube and Spotify. Thanks for the list!


      If you like Razika, you should give Frk. Fryd a try if you haven't yet. They're from Stavanger, and I adore their music. A little bit less hipstery pop/rock and more of a straight up rock group.


      Awesome! Tusen takk for det! :D

      I would add Moddi's "Kæm va du" album, which I absolutely LOVE (I also love his English albums, but that is not relevant here) : http://moddi.bandcamp.com/album/k-m-va-du

      I also discovered the band Virkelig recently : https://play.spotify.com/artist/7GxOP9JYvuVjDht2cggIPF

      The acapella girl band Pitsj is also pretty cool : https://play.spotify.com/artist/3n8HKfTTcvKXswFco1Sflp

      And now : it's cartoon time! ;)


      Oh, and just discovered Bendik (I'm listening to "Kriger" on repeat for more than an hour now)! https://play.spotify.com/artist/4krYRNHjKcETSEY2Ghf9Mo


      I would also like to recommend watching Joachim Trier movies (reprise and Oslo, 31. August). He is by far the best Norwegian filmmaker at the moment. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1736633/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0827517/?ref_=tt_rec_tti

      Also for those of you who are into more indie/alternative music, there is an indie pop band from Bergen called Razika. They have a lot of good stuff and you get to listen to some bergensk as well :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q6HY4Wly9g

      Verdensrommet are another interesting band who sing in Norwegian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_MADbLpEs0


      Vær så god! ᵔᴗᵔ


      This is also a good memrise course to follow when doing the duolingo course since it uses the vocabulary seen here: http://www.memrise.com/course/691524/duolingo-norwegian-2/

      I also started reading Donald Duck comics in Norwegian, it's easy to read since it's also geared towards children, if a sentence isn't clear the pictures help a lot, sometimes I need to look up a word through Google translate but most of the sentences I can figure out without looking them up. Since I probably will never grow up to the point where I don't like Donald Duck, it's also really fun to be able to read the Norwegian ones too. xD


      Thanks for letting me know, I'll add it to the list.

      Funny, I've heard Donald Duck is more popular in Scandinavia than the US. ・ᴗ・
      And! you just reminded me of a comic I wanted to put a link to, so thanks again! ᵔ⩌ᵔ


      Donald Duck is very popular in the whole of Europe, but the more to the North you go, the more popular he seems. To me it looks like he's the most popular in Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands and it are especially the comics that are popular, most people grew up with the Donald Duck pockets and weekly magazines. And I actually still love to read them once in a while.


      Comics...that's a good idea. I wonder if we can get transformers comics in Norwegian. >_< I'm going to see what's around to help with learning. Top idea, man.


      Yes there are Transformers comics in Norwegian, happy hunting xD


      Brilliant. \m/ >_< \m/


      This is awesome! Tusen takk :)


      This is a great list of resources! Thank you!


      Here is a random folder of books and things that I stumbled upon randomly, I don't remember where, and not everything in here is actually Norwegian, but a decent amount of it is -- haven't looked through it carefully but, here you go, in case it proves useful to anyone :)



      Sweet mother of Norwegian thank you so muuuuuuch!


      Herregud! :0 That has everything from textbooks to grammar guides! The only thing that concerns me is those books are probably not supposed to be shared freely on the internet...


      Good point. Unfortunately I don't remember the context in which I found it or anything.... I just noticed it was sitting in my bookmarks folder.


      Thank you so much! p.s. Harry Potter is unfortunately not in Norwegian (icelandic, I believe)

      • 1374

      I just wanted to point out that if you look at the copyright page, it actually says Føroya which is Faroe Islands. So it's in Faroese, not Icelandic. The two languages are close.


      Yes, this is true..... haha, weirdly placed stray Icelandic book. Geez, how come we can find Icelandic but not Norwegian!


      I couldn't find HP in Norwegian, unfortunately =(


      I know this is a old article but is the Harry Potter book Icelandish?? I can't find anything remotely Norweigian about it ( That might be something with my beginner Norsk skills but..)


      It’s in Faroese - you can tell because Faroese uses ø while Icelandic uses ö. :)


      I recommend penpaland.com its a language exchange-based social network website.


      You are my heroe


      And here is a Spotify Norway profile to follow for Norwegian music: https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify_norway_


      Here are lists of video games on Steam (www.steampowered.com) with Norwegian support.

      Steam Games with Norwegian Subtitles ONLY: Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – Guild of Rogues BRAWL CINEVEO - Virtual Reality Cinema The Crew Dangerous Estranged: Act I Finding Teddy 2 Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria theHunter (Free to play) Machineers - Episode 1: Tivoli Town The Mysterious Cities of Gold Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) Never Alone: Foxtales Portal Stories: Mel Train Fever Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1 - Gold Edition Young Justice: Legacy Watch_Dogs

      Steam Games with Norwegian Audio ONLY: Disney's Chicken Little Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure Rayman Legends Robotex The Sims 3: Supernatural The Sims 3: Seasons * The Sims 3: University Life

      Steam Games with Norwegian Audio AND Subtitles: Among the Sleep Basketball Pro Management 2014 Basketball Pro Management 2015 Disney•Pixar Cars Disney•Pixar Toy Story 3: The Video Game Disney Planes Disney The Princess and the Frog Disney Universe * Shiftlings

      WARNING: There are dozens & dozens more Steam games that only have Norwegian interface (i.e. menu/help) text, meaning the actual game content is NOT in Norwegian.


      YES! Thank you so much for this!!


      Thanks! Have a lingot :)


      Another really cool way of discovering Norwegian music (and music from any country, really) is http://radiooooo.com/ . You can make a playlist with a series of countries and / or decades, as well as picking a mood. :)


      How did I not know this site existed?? Loving it!


      This is amazing, thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to this discussion! Hopefully in the future as I progress and find some of my own resources, I will be able to contribute as well! I'm so excited to learn this language


      Hi! I found a picture dictionary with sounds that has Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk). http://clu.uni.no/bildetema/


      Thanks for sharing, it's great!


      I already have this on the list :-)
      I've been using the version with Danish and Swedish lately, it's really cool to compare the three.


      OMG! Where is Lilyhammer?


      I didn't add it because there isn't anywhere to watch it for free online, and a lot of people don't have Netflix, Hulu, etc., or it isn't available in their region. :(


      That was brilliant TV.


      Tusen takk!! Amazing collection of things that will help us all to improve our Norwegian skills! There's still a couple things I would like recommend (sorry if someone has already mentioned them!) Admiral P is a Norwegian-Zambian reggae singer, and makes music in Norwegian. The kind of music to give you good mood :) Kaizers Orchestra are a Norwegian band. Their music genres are, according to Wikipedia, rock, pop and folk, but in my opinion they can't be categorised that easily: their music is so vivid and unique. You must really listen to them to find out! The singer has a very special Jæren dialect which makes the listening even more interesting :) And last but not least the comic group Raske Menn (I bet the Ylvis people here have heard of them ;) ). Humour different to Ylvis', but worth checking out! Unfortunately there is less videos with English subtitles than in Ylvis' case, but hey - that means you really have to learn the language! :D


      Seconded. I absolutely adore Kaizers Orchestra~ First heard of the band back in 2008, still madly in love. (There's something about them...)


      Another avid Kaizers fan here! My scandimania started because of them! I saw them live in 2007 and I couldn't stop ever since. If you would like to listen another band singing in Norwegian, there is Skambankt, the band of Terje Winterstø Røthing who is a member of Kaizers.


      Ah wow, you're so lucky you got to see them live! I went to Norway a year after their last show ;n; I heard that they are quite something on stage. Videos don't quite translate it I think... How did your show go? Did you get to see them when they were in New York? I swear I would have driven all the way down there (I'm in Canada) but it was my University grad ceremony on that day... (I did think of going anyways tho haha) Cant't wait for the Violeta Violeta musical too.

      And I havent bothered to check Skambankt out yet, but I will do that soon, thanks :)


      Their live performances were phenomenal! One of the best (if not the best) bands I have ever seen live. Janove Ottesen's energy on stage is awesome! I have been to 4 gigs actually. In 2007, I saw them at Sziget festival, Hungary, then in 2008 in Budapest Hungary at a small venue, in 2012 in Vienna at a festival and in 2013 also in Vienna at a venue and I have seen Skambankt in Oslo in 2014 at Rockefeller Music Hall. (and I bumped into Terje accidentally at Gardermoen Airport in Norway in 2015, if that counts, haha)

      New York is too far away, I just stay in Europe :D


      a good supplement to the duolingo computer voice: 50 languages norwegian audio course: http://www.goethe-verlag.com/book2/EN/ENNO/ENNO002.HTM and here is more listening praxis for beginners, 75 minutter bare norsk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o838ALlI0Mw


      At what point did you guys start watching Norwegian tv/movies? Obviously (currently at level 4 haha), right now I can't really follow much of it at all. And is watching with English subtitles any good?

      Tussen takk


      I got around to hiring my first Norwegian language movie from the library a few weeks ago. I was happy to be able to understand some of the words, but definitely had the subtitles on as well so I could understand all of the dialogue (although that wasn't required to follow the general context of the movie). Aside from my lack of Norwegian vocabulary, the two things I found difficulty with were (1) the pace of the dialogue and (2) unlike Duolingo, the dialogue doesn't stop just so you can process the half-dozen words you have just heard before the next few. Unfortunately, there is next to no Norwegian TV shown here and few movies at the library.


      I started listening to a bit of radio, but I didn't get much further than understanding what was being discussed (the weather, cooking, etc). Would you say watching Norwegian movies with subtitles in your own language has increased your Norwegian at all?


      It is ok for when you are relaxing and intend on having your spare time involving immersion, but it is a low intensity activity and not a quick learning aid. I find reading articles, first from the likes of Klar Tale, and learning the vocabulary is more cost-effective in terms of time spent. If you are low on concentration, then watching movies with subtitles can still be useful but it becomes more useful when you become more advanced.

      If you want a good way of reading and looking up the vocabulary of online articles, you might want to check out Learning With Texts.


      It can be linked with an online dictionary. Click on a word and it will open the dictionary in the bottom right corner that you have linked and will show you the translation(s). Then you can type what you want saved as the translation for that particular word and it gets saved to your word database. Next time you come across that word, for example in another article, you can hover over it and it will show what you have saved. Plus the program gives various testing methods.

      It takes a bit of setting up and getting used to, but well worth spending the time learning to install and use it.

      There is a wonderful dictionary online for Norwegian: http://www.ordnett.no

      Requires an account to use but you can use the username "oslo2" and password "2oslo".

      In the My Languages part of Learning With Texts, set up a new language for Norwegian and in the Dictionary 1 box, copy in this:


      When this gets posted, it will likely show up partly in clickable link form, but make sure to copy the whole thing.

      Setting up LWT with Google Translate seems not to work any more though, but that dictionary is excellent for words, and some phrases. Click and highlight something like a prepositional phrase like "ta av", for example, and they will often have a translation for a construction like that.

      LWT, once set up and gotten used to, is a very powerful tool for reading and quickly learning vocabulary. You can test yourself with flashcards, use cloze tests, and of course just read a lot and begin to pick up the words relatively naturally when seen in different contexts. Just hover the mouse pointer over a saved word to remind yourself.

      It is an excellent way to get into reading and easily looking up translations, means you cover more content more quickly, and means you are actively reading native content. After your vocabulary gets better, you will find more benefit when watching Norwegian films in your spare time as you will know the most common stuff and can then catch the less common words.

      For active study that includes immersion, reading is definitely quicker. Also, on the Klar Tale website, after you've imported, read, and got the vocabulary stored for a whole article, you can listen to a speech synthesizer read the article on the Klar Tale site by hitting the green Start button at the top of the page, as long as you are not blocking pop-ups. At least that way you can get an idea of the pronunciation, but it will absolutely butcher any non-Norwegian words!



      I wouldn't say it helped me after that first movie. Fortunately I enjoyed the movie regardless.


      There's this movie that I love and it's in Norwegian which is helpful for practice- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1332134/

      Also Død Snø is a fun and helpful movie as well.


      check this out. Reading the newspapers in norwegian with help of pictograms. Definitely, good stuff.



      awesome. Thanks : )


      you're welcome ;)


      Firstly, I want to say thank you. The list of resources are great, and thanks to you I watched Ylvis med kveld. My world is not the same after watching Ylvis :D

      But then, how about games for computer or smatphone? I've just stumbled upon Little alchemy - https://littlealchemy.com/ - it's something like doodle god. You can change your language settings and have norwegian vocabulary. To be honest, it's a pleasure to learn words by simply playing games!

      So, my question is, do you know other games with norwegian words? I would really apreciated it!

      ha det bra!


      Off the top of my head, I know that Moomin Valley, Peak, and the Clash of Clans/Clash Royale apps have Norwegian support, but I hope to start a full-on search for games once I finish up with final exams so that I can add a games section to this list. And thank you for your suggestion, I'd heard of Little Alchemy before but never thought of using it to learn Norwegian! :-)


      i'm an Indonesian. is there any scholarship to study in Norway ? i have a dream to study master degree about petroleum geology in Norway. i mean it. Please give me any information. Thank you :)


      Hi! You can read all about studying in Norway at http://www.studyinnorway.no , and find information about scholarships here. :-)


      hi eriicaaa, thanks for the info, its really help me to know about studying in Norway, but when i open the scholarships link i can't find the scholarship for Asian student :(


      Thank you sooooo much for this ! <3



      Some years ago, NRK (TV-company own by the state) made up a concept wich is called "sakte TV". Recently, when our prime minister was in Washington, Barack Obama made fun out of this concept.


      You can learn the language by looking at this show and you can learn much about nature, culture etc. I guess this show, it's self, is a part of norwegian culture now. There are many different show's, but here are some links:









      TV2 had also a program were they were fleeing across Norway. They had a camera under the helicopter and filmed constantly for 19 days. If you watched live, you could turn the camera around 360 degrees and look from the angle you wanted. Norway is well known for it's nature, so this program will show you a lot of this. Here is the link for the "highlights":


      All programs from NRK is available outside Norway, but i don't know if TV2's programs is available outside Norway. If someone is checking it out, please let me know.


      Available from the US. Tusen takk!


      I got to admit that I havn't seen any of this videos, but I saw that episode from TV2 this evening. Wow! Recomend it to everyone!


      Thank you so much for all this resources!


      Thank you so much for this resource! It has been very helpful! On Nick Norwegian...they have Avatar, nothing else to say!! If you haven't seen it...you have to watch it! It is so good!

      Also, Sims 4 and Star Stable(horse MMO) has Norwegian support. I am learning a lot from Sims 4 because it uses a lot of everyday words.

      And I just started watching Skam. It is amazing! <3


      Skam is awesome and addictive! Love it! :-)


      I just found this post on here and I just wanted to say thank you for compiling all of this information into one place. Oh my god, this makes me so happy right now. I'll be checking all of these right away :)))))


      this is sooo helpful!! tusen takk :)


      Tusen takk!!!! I just started learning Norwegian and I was really bummed out that theres not that many resources available, (if there is you have to look really hard to find them) this is life saving!!!!


      Welcome to the Norwegian community! Good luck with your learning journey. :0)


      Wow, this post is insanely helpful, just started the course and was searching for easy books to read. I am very happy i stumbled upon this post. Thanks.


      OMG!! this is perfect I LOVE YOU


      I am obsessed with Siri Nilsen! :D


      Tusen takk! You are a life saver.




      What a great job you've done ! I must thank you for putting all these resources together, this is going to be of great help for us all Norwegian lerners. Tusen takk !


      thank you so much fot all of this! this is truly amazing :)


      I have been looking for all this information assembled together for a long time! Thank you and thank you to everyone that has added to its list.

      Ha det!

      • 1480

      Tusen takk! Utrolig hvor mye man kann finne på Internet!


      A couple of really nice norwegian films! Få meg på, for faen (2011), Trolljegeren (2010)


      Villmark - the best norwegian movie in my opinion


      Thank you for this.


      Thank you so much for the links, I was familiar with the NTNU ones, they got be started. I really needed more grammar material.


      There is a wonderful dictionary online: http://www.ordnett.no

      Requires an account to use but you can use the username "oslo2" and password "2oslo".

      For reading texts and building a database of words you can test yourself on with flashcards, cloze tests etc., there is a wonderful free program called Learning With Texts which you can configure with the above dictionary.


      Takes a bit of setting up, but well worth it.

      In the "my languages" section, after setting it all up, add a new language and have the title show Norwegian (of course), and in the dictionary 1 section, add the following:


      This will allow you to click on a word and its translation(s) will show in the bottom right segment of the text reading screen. Google translate doesn't seem to work anymore with Learning With Texts, but at least you can use this dictionary and it often handles phrasal verbs. Make sure to read the instructions for LWT well. It is a little complex at first, but when you get the hang of it it becomes an amazing aid for getting used to reading Norwegian content which can be copied and pasted from online sites, building up your vocabulary, testing yourself, and charting your progress.


      CALST is not available as a mobile app: itsoundsgood.no


      Great job! Tusen takk! ^^


      I have been scrambling together some Norwegian resources and this helps a great amount! Tusen takk!


      'Stand Still, Stay Silent' is beautiful. Thank you for leading me to it.


      Heisann. Bare lurte på om kanskje ikke hknyildirims spotify-liste er litt urelevant ettersom nesten alt er på engelsk?

      Er det forresten noen kommentarer til min liste? Noen som ønsker seg andre sanger, har flere forslag? Kanskje noen som har en lignende liste?

      [deactivated user]

        Great compilation - thank you very, very much! I'm glad to see that Kaizers Orchestra (without apostrophe, btw!) is on the list - they actually turned me into a Norway fan! Too sad that they split, and no re-union is in sight... sigh


        This is absolutely outstanding. Great work!


        Tusen takk! :) Your list has helped me a lot. I'm also a big Ylvis fan - watching YouTube clips of their show initially inspired me to start learning Norwegian.

        I recently found this Norwegian medieval folk rock band called Bergtatt. They have a free Soundcloud where you can listen to several of their songs: https://soundcloud.com/bergtatt

        And here is a YouTube Playlist for their music: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdkSKtLFwlKBCn_DgeLRPhoXYhjESApOK

        I thought you might want to add those to your list. :)


        Thanks! I watched I Kveld Med Yvlis and it helped me a lot to learn new vocabulary :)


        Tusen takk eriicaaa!


        thank you for sharing this!


        If you're interested in Norway, check out the Norwegian American Weekly (http://www.na-weekly.com). The print version also contains bilingual folk tales, comics, and periodic articles about language. Full disclosure: I am the Editor of the paper, so I might be biased. :)


        On Netflix (Canada), Occupation (Okkupert) is a fantastic show—pretty much all in Norwegian.


        I really like Keizer's Orchestra, but I'd just like to know how much the Jæren dialect differs from bokmal and if it will help my learning along or could be confusing?


        I haven't been on here for a while, but started Norwegian again, as I am going there again in the summer, for Iron Maiden gig...hope to be there for a week before going to Sweden and then Denmark. Was hoping to add Finland (got the gig ticket) but finances took a hit recently. The info on this page is such a help. Hopefully I can retain more information this time.


        I would be nice if you can add karpe diem to the song list, the have very good songs and their lyrics are very good :D


        Very helpful!! Thx so much!!!!!


        Tusen takk! I am learning Norwegian.


        This is great, thank you so much! One thing I'd like to add that I have enjoyed is the tv show Himmelblå. It is really good, and you can find all 3 seasons on youtube.


        Hei! Does anyone have tips on good youtube channels in Norwegian? My sad story is that I'm studying Norwegian at the uni, but my secret passion is Dutch and I spend most of the time watching videos in it, it's not right :) I'd prefer something funny and relaxed, idk. Apart from Ylvis, of course :) Takk på forhånd!


        I've already seen skam by now and am going to see unge lovende as well :) But thanks for the comment, I think it'll help others a lot! Anbefaler disse seriene!


        This list is amazing ! Thank you very much :)


        very thanks this is very helpful


        Thank you so much! This is great!


        WOW! This is really cool!


        Great set of resources. Thanks a lot Erica!


        I don't know if you have any of this on there. It was a lot of material to go through. I hope you can use it. (http://www.101languages.net/norwegian/norwegian-recourses/ )


        Album: Trolle Og Den Magiske Fela - Sangene fra eventyret by Alexander Rybak Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsYGhv9fM2_naT1n3dsTgarEptUDP0Eld It's music he made to go with his kids book "Trolle Og Den Magiske Fela"


        Wardruna is absolutely phenomenal! It is the spiritual music that I listen to daily, be it if I am going to work or meditating on runes (which I am a student of).


        thank you very much! This is what I was looking for!


        I want to learn Norwegian by norsk teacher.


        Thank you for all the info


        klartale.no er den letteste neheter som man kan lære fra :)


        Is Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge useful, or is it way too outdated? I noticed you didn't mention it. I bought a copy for some writing practice and it seems to be helping a lot with grammar.


        I myself have never used it, so I don't know if it's useful or outdated or anything. But if you like it, then definitely keep using it! :-) You can always cross-check with other books and resources if you are concerned about the information being outdated. I have a "Learn Norwegian" book that was published in the 80's, and the only things I have noticed that really differ from modern Norwegian are 1: the use of De and Dem as formal you (this usage is, for the most part, inexistent in current Norwegian), and 2: the occasional slight change in spelling (it seems that older Bokmål tends to resemble Danish a bit more). You can keep an eye out for these things if you have an older book.
        I try to restrict this list to free resources that everyone can easily access, which is why I haven't included that book and others.


        Boy that's a lot of resources. Спасибо.


        Thanks! This is awesome!


        Thank you so much for compiling this list, it's very helpful.


        Does anyone know if there are Skyrim subtitles in Norwegian somewhere on the internet? I'd really love to see that.


        That's great! Thank you!


        I can't wait for the Sounds App to be released for US iTunes; it sounds like it will be immensely helpful! I'm having trouble with the retroflex sounds--Teacher Karin's videos are great and I understand what I need to do to produce them but I think I sound like I have something stuck on the roof of my mouth.


        omg thank you very much thats really useful!


        Tusen takk, du er best!


        I just started duolingo today and OMG, this discussion is extremely useful. Thank you so much. :)


        Hello Errica,

        Your have added really a good collection of resources. I also want to contribute my two cents. You can add www.norwegianabc.com in "Courses, Grammar Lessons" section. It is a powerful website to help us while practising Norwegian language.


        -- Bozdar


        This guide is amazing!! Would there be a website/link y'all could recommend for buying a paper copy of a Norwegian book (ex. Harry Potter) and having it shipped to me in the US?

        *This is one of my first comments, so please excuse me (& let me know) if I'm posting in the wrong place!


        Very usefull!!! thanks for sharing


        This is great, thank you very much! er... Tusen takk! :)


        Wow, thank you so much!


        Tusen takk for this! I'm adding Dimmu Borgir (Stormblåst) and Burzum. Great that you've already put Wardruna there, you deserve a lingot :)


        wow thanks eriicaaa..!!!


        I created a facebook page which I share sentences (NO and ENG) from the Harry Potter books starting from the first book. Feel free to join :)



        Oh my God...Herregud! Tusen takk!!!!!


        This is amazing! Thank you!


        Chat facilities please. I need Norwegian friends. I'm going to move to there.


        Hi, Thank you for this post. The resources provided here are very useful. I have been practising Norsk through Memrise app and I have been wondering if completing the A1-A2 learnings offered through Memrise is sufficient to get certified in A1 -A2 Norsk levels. Please advise.


        Is there a similar list, but in German?


        Awesome! Thank you so much!


        So many resources! Tusen takk!


        I'm genuinely disappointed Kaizers Orchestra isn't in the music section. I love all their albums and they have helped with my pronunciation. In fact finding this band is the reason I became interested in Norwegian. :(


        I guess it's because of their dialect; and by the way, I was expecting to find Kristian kristensen or Resirkulert, you are not the only one disappointed.


        Dialect-Specific : CALST by NTNU : dead link

        Learn Norwegian (Bokmål) in just 5 minutes a day. For free.