To "golden-ize" or not?

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What about you?

I typically do not advance on my tree until ALL previous lessons are "goldenized" - Do others follow this game plan?

It is taking me longer to advance on my tree however I feel somehow more confident in my retention and comprehension.

I am determined to finish (in golden style)!!!

(Tack Duolingo!)

July 31, 2015


Definitely! When I started Swedish I always made sure everything was gold before moving on, but now I review so much I rarely have to regild skills. They just stay gold. I've seen posts about people finishing their trees at much lower levels than where I am, but I haven't even done one third of my tree yet. I'm not in a hurry to finish because I'm learning a lot and I remember what I learned.

But when I do finish the tree, I'll probably let it be colored because I want to focus on more advanced materials. Plus, I'm sure it'll look better that way :)

July 31, 2015

Yes, I do that. Completed trees, I go and re-gild any skills that aren't golden. Incomplete trees, I make sure everything's gold before moving on. It means a lot more work, but it also means that you're keeping your knowledge current and not letting things disappear out of the back of your brain.

July 31, 2015

I keep only completed trees golden for a while. While working through the tree there is no need for me to do repetitions on abilities beeing declared as "pretty good" (one bit missing), when they lose a second bit and fall back to "Time to practice" i do a "strengthen" on this skill.

July 31, 2015

I follow this method too. I always start a session by strengthening any topic that isn't gold, starting right at the top and working down. I tend not to go over my daily quota of 50xp per language too often as this just seems to increase the amount of strengthening required further down the line. Only when I've strengthened currently learned activities, do I move on to new ones.

'Repetition is the mother of learning' (повторение мать учения) as they say in Russian. :)

July 31, 2015

I try to do this with my 'active' trees. I gave up keeping Spanish and Portuguese gold long ago since those are long done. But yes, if I am still in the middle of it, I try to do this as well. It means it takes me a lot longer to finish a tree, but that's fine. I usually have 1-3 to re-gild on my Scandinavian trees and maybe one on my Ukrainian trees. It was getting a little out of hand with my German and Dutch trees, so I had to take a pause on those since I've been traveling (like serious longer term traveling for several months), but I do keep the four I'm actively properly working on gold. (I still do a Dutch and German review lesson a day so I don't lose everything I've learned, but I just don't have the time to properly go forward with those.

But I do fully agree at any rate. I feel like just finishing the tree without re-gilding means you probably know it less well than if you finish the tree with it having been gold the whole way along. I'm in no hurry and I know keeping a finished tree gold gets dull fast both from my own experience and some friends and students of mine. I teach ESL and had a student just rush through the English from Polish tree. He got bored after that, which is a pity. I think he could have got more out of it if he did it slowly.

July 31, 2015

It never occured to me that I can skip a skill. For me it was clear that everything has to be golden. First I re-golden my older skills, then I strengthen my newer golden skills as from time to time new words, sentences and phrases show up and I want to know all of them. After some days or maybe a week when I am really sure that I have understood everything - and only then - I move on to a new skill. I don't want to be fastest - this is not a race. I want to really master my chosen language.

July 31, 2015

I'm starting this method. I recently hit a slump in Swedish, and I really need to make sure I have my parts of the tree down before moving on. Even though it will take longer, I'm less concerned with finishing my tree and more with understanding what I've been doing.

August 1, 2015

I certainly follow this plan as well. Only through repetition will the grammar and vocabulary stick. New things learned will be forgotten quickly if its not reapplied or reexamined. This certainly slows down the pace of covering through the tree. I have more than 400 consecutive days on this site, but I have not finished one tree, but I make progress each week. One thing I think people often forget is that time is critical to learning a language. To be frank, I am not sure how people that go through the tree so quickly retain all the information--a lot of time is needed to understand all the intricate parts of the language. There is a learning curve to language, and certain stages that should be mastered before continuing, but that takes more self regulation than anything else.

August 5, 2015

I'm not really doing that. I think it is more important to get a working knowledge of the language as fast as possible, so that I can start using it, I can understand texts, do real listening practice with real audio sources etc. in the language. I don't think it is beneficial to spent too much time on repeating and repeating again. Of course, rushing is also bad. You should not continue if there is a skill that you do not understand yet. But, for example, I also don't think it is terribly important for a beginner to perfectly know all words for clothing or colors before he continues to more important things like verbs or conjunctions. Of course, clothing and colors are also important, but, at least in my opinion, they only really become important once you somewhat understand the language. What good is it to know all colors if you cannot understand a basic sentence like "Jag lärar mig svenska eftersom jag gillar Sverige", because you have not learnt something about verbs or conjuctions yet?

Or what if I'm not that interested in sports and would rather read texts about arts? I think here it would also be reasonable to spent more time on arts than on sports, because I can then start to actually read real Swedish texts about the topic I am actually interested in, which will also motivate me to continue and give me another very good learning source.

I also think that it is very important to not dismiss the basics and just plow ahead. But I think it is okay and also important to prioritize.

I'm now more than 3/4 through my Swedish tree and basically only the basic skills are golden. The rest is all over the place, because I'm not strengthening specific skills, but mostly using the overall "Strengthen skills" thing. Even though I do not have so many golden skills, I can already read and understand a lot of Swedish texts I find online, which gives a huge motivation boost. Especially in the topic (music) that primarily motivated me to start learning Swedish. For example, I can already understand a lot of the Facebook posts of the Swedish musicians I am interested in.

Forcing yourself to goldenize everything might also take the fun out of learning, because it is obviously not as much fun when you don't really make progress. So for someone who only wants to learn around 30-50 XP a day, I think spending too much time on "goldenizing" might actually be a bad way to spent their time learning.

I have now started to "goldenize" specific skills/everything, though (partly because of this discussion :) ), but I really think that this only really makes sense once you have gotten a more than basic grasp of the language.

August 5, 2015

I agree

August 20, 2015

I do except for those rare and unfortunate occasions when i get behind and am bored with sitting there strengthening.

July 31, 2015

i try to do this too. Although i find they fade just a bit faster than i would like them to, meaning i'm constantly trying to strengthen and rarely learning new things. Probably my own fault for not touching it for 4 months (while i completed the memrise basic swedish course). Hoping to get it all golded again soon so i can start learning new words again- i just cant bring myself to move on untill it is all gold. But if its fading too quick for me already, if im already struggling to keep words at full strength i can imagine how difficult it will be towards the end of the course when theres more trees open. I really wish there was an option to be able to set the rate of decay.

August 4, 2015

It's dynamic: the more you study and the less you get wrong, the slower each word decays. Doing more practice each day also allows less decay to happen, obviously, since it's a continuous thing.

August 5, 2015

ah.. ok thanks for the info. guess i'll just do more, im more committed anyway now i've finished the memrise course so hopefullly thats enough. plus im all golded now and learning again, woohoo!

August 5, 2015

I just regilded half my tree doing over 400 xp in one evening after having been away for a while, starting from the top down. It was very worth-while. By the way, if you practice from the bottom up, you'll sometimes regild earlier lessons at the same time. This is useful if you'e not trying to review everything.

August 7, 2015
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