"Dove la fanno?"

Traduzione:Where do they make it?

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"Where they do?" non รจ giusto in inglese. Inoltre bisogna tradurre "la" (come "it"). "Where are they doing it?" oppure "Where do they do it?" sono anche traduzioni giuste.

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forse viene usato make nel senso di fare materialmente qualcosa...

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Chadwick pay attention to this sentence eg.: "where they do??" As you wrote before in the above stripes, this sentence is used to mean an affermative one and not an interrogative one.... you should have written:"where do they do??"after this speech about the building of affermative sentences and those of interrogative ones, you mostly are to pay attention at MAKE and DO words. These ones are used with the meaning"fare", but make is widely used for verb as: "making cake, wood tool and so forth.... "

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