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"She was accustomed to write to me once a week."

Translation:Ŝi kutimis skribi al mi unu fojon semajne.

July 31, 2015



Is "Ŝi kutimis skribi al mi po unu fojo semajne" not acceptable? Or can the "po unu fojo" not combine with "semajne" because the latter is an adverb?


Ĉu estas aliaj kielo diri tion Eserante? Kio pri "unufoje semajne" aŭ io simila?


Sorry, I know it's an old question . . . why the -n on fojo?


why the -n on fojo?

Accusative of time.


Ŝi kutimis skribi MIN unu fojon semajne should be accepted?


This would make "me" the direct object of "writing". That wouldn't make sense, unless she was writing a book, and you were a character in it: "She wrote me into the book" or something like that.


Oh really? I thought the sentence ''She was accustomed to write to me once a week'' can be translated as ''She was accustomed to write me once a week'' to me = al mi, me = min, obviously most of the people write al mi but i just tried it and was curious


English has merged the former dative and accusative cases into a single objective case that can be used for the direct or the indirect object.

The indirect object often has a "to" in front of it but not always, as in the "write me".

It's still an indirect object, though (you are still the recipient, not the thing that comes out of her pen).

Esperanto doesn't have this merger; min is only accusative / direct object, not also dative / indirect object.

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