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"La plejparto de germanoj trinkas bieron."

Translation:Most Germans drink beer.

July 31, 2015



Why is “The majority of Germans drinks beer” wrong? Isn't ‘the majority [of Germans]’ singular? (I've reported it.)


"majority of germans drink beer" is quite close to "Most Germans drink beer". somehow "the majority of germans drink beer" does not sound right to me.


Is drinki not appropriate in this context? Isn't trinki used for drinking liquid in general while drinki is used for alcohol?


Who says there's alcohol in the beer ;)?
But generally, yea, you're right. But I reckon ‘drinki’ is used to clarify that you're drinking alcohol, so if something else already seems to imply it, it's somewhat redundant.


Duo is full of stereotyped sentences as I can see. Ahaha :)

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