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How can I pronounce Х in Ukrainian?

I was wondering how could I pronounce Х because whenever I do it sounds horrible. I know it supposed to sound like the ch in the Scottish word "loch" but I always end up having more of a k sound instead of an h sound. Now I just aspirate the h which sounds even worse. What could I do to pronounce it better?

July 31, 2015



You raise your tongue to create a short space between it and the middle of your palate. Then you push the air to create a fricative sound. I think that's how you make the sound.


Спасибі! That actually helped a lot! I didn't think someone would have a good answer, but yours worked very well!


You can also think of it like the last consonant sound in "Mexico" (:


Well, you can pronounce "SH" as in "shop", right?

When you tap your alveolar ridge with a quick motion of the tongue, you get a "t" as in "tap". But if you make the motion start and end smoothly, it is a "sh". If you start abruptly but end smoothly, it is "ch" as in "champion" (or "ts" as in "cats" or "pizza", if you release into "S" rather than "SH").

You can think of X as a sh-version of K. I don't know if it will help you, but that's what the sound essentially is. The place of articulation is roughly the same, only you ease in and ease out smoothly, without fully obstructing the air flow.


Try to hear words with letter Х on forvo.com. For exemple, ходити, хотіти, храм, хвіст, хряк Харків, Бах, хуртовина,


well... I don't know how it is in Scottish, but think of the German 'machen', but a little bit softer

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