"Voi venite nel ristorante verde."

Translation:You come into the green restaurant.

December 31, 2012

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The translation in English does not reflect the common English usage. It is strange to say "you come IN the restaurant". One, at least in the U.S. would say "You come into the restaurant"


"nel" translates also to "into" so that would make sense.


I agree, even "you come to the green restaurant" that I did sounds better that with "IN"


Really? I think "come in the restaurant" is equally common in the U.S., in my experience.


Why can I miss 'you' sometimes (eg tu vieni or vieni are both okay) but I can't miss you in this case?

For examlle 'come into the green restaurant' is not accepted, only 'YOU come into the green restaurant'

Is this an error or a rule? Am I getting something wrong?


"Come into the green restaurant" is a command. "You come into the restaurant" is a statement. Usually, the verb is conjugated differently if it is a command. :)


Ok thanks, breath


what does this sentence mean exactly??


It means you (all) come in the green restaurant. nel means in the or into the.


Duo lingo lists Venite as also meaning coming out. I put 'come out of the restaurant' but it marked that as wrong. Can the verb also mean come out of?

(ironically I first translated as 'you all come out of the restaurant green! then, realized green was describing the restaurant color, not the people's paleness from eating bad food ...)

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