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"Ella comentó que le gusta el vino."

Translation:She commented that she likes wine.

December 31, 2012



It says "LE gusta", not "LA gusta", so shouldn't the second pronoun be "he" in English?


No, lo y la are used when makes reference to a direct object, and the direct object of gustar is "el vino". Here the indirect object is the pronoum "le" and can be translated as "he, she, it, or you", if I duplicate the I.O., surelly you will see better:

...le gusta el vino a ella

...le gusta el vino a el

...le gusta el vino a usted

...le gusta el vino (al perro)

...nos gusta el vino a nosotros


Thank you, Caiser! That is much clearer now.


"el vino" is the subject of gustar here. The wine pleases her.


I certainly hope this program doesn't start bearing down on accents too soon.


Don't think like that - Accents are important in Spanish, and the sooner you learn to whip yourself into remembering them, the better.


She said that she likes wine could also be accepted.

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