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  5. "Bread and milk."

"Bread and milk."

Translation:Хліб і молоко.

August 1, 2015



This is the first time I got the sentence wrong since I used "a" instead of "i" for the word "and".


You mean «та»? You know, «а» is not used to connect two or more things in a list and treat them as a whole (e.g. "I like bread and milk").


I'm a tiny bit confused as to how you pronounce Х?


Imagine having a cookie crumb or something stuck at the back of your throat and your trying to cough it up without actually coughing. It's the feeling of tightening the back of your tongue to your tonsils and letting out a cat-hairball sound. Or that swift hack sound just before someone spits. With those examples in mind, think of how you might make that sound, but make it sound not so disgusting. It's basically a hard H sound, much like how Greeks or Arabics pronounce their H's.

I know these are Greek accents, but the sound is similar here: Listen to how Gus pronounces "house" when he says "I am the head of this house" at the :15 mark in this clip from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Also at the :55 "...in the house." That hacky-hard H sound is what the "Х" sounds like when you see it written in Ukrainian.



Here's forvo, where native speakers have recorded the words. Listening to these, I would say it sounds like an H, but I am open to more input on this.


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