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  5. "Os códigos conferem."

"Os códigos conferem."

Translation:The codes match.

October 19, 2013



Match isn't listed as a hint for conferem, is it correct?


yes, "confere" (it maches). it is used when you compare two things, like who was invited for the party, the things you bought at the market match to your list... "this dress does not match to my shoes" = esse vestido não combina com meus sapatos. Match the columns = Marque/Ligue as colunas.


Cool thanks! And can it also mean Confirm? Or is that a false friend?


that's much easier: confirmar = to confirm


I put, "the codes check out." (as in, "the codes are good and work" Since "check" was a translation for "conferem"

But "the codes check" would be meaningless in English.

I am guessing this is a strange phrase even in Portuguese.


"The codes check" could be an English sentence, but a bit colloquial.


Check out should be accepted.


I also tried "the codes check out" but it seems like Duolingo hasn't updated to accept that translation yet.


Ugh, hover-over hints are so wrong here. I wish they would catch up on these, do they even have anyone checking these, or is there a huge backlog? I've reported wrong or misleading hover-over hints in both Spanish and Portuguese and come back to the exercises months later to find them still not corrected. By contrast, when I suggest new translations they're often accepted in a matter of weeks.

This makes me wonder if there's a problem in the produced, or if they are understaffed when it comes to reviewing the suggestions for hover-over hints.


I think 'the codes check' and even 'the codes agree' should be accepted. Is that right?


Why isn't there a "se" in front of "conferem" here? It seems to belong going off similar sentences in this section. As it stands, is the sentence not suggesting that the codes are performing the action of matching and missing an object?


CONFERIR or CONBINAR. Which of these verbs work best here?


Both are correct. But before B or P we need to use M, so the spelling is COMBINAR.

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