"He is drinking good water."

Translation:Li trinkas bonan akvon.

August 1, 2015

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trinkantas was a bit of surprise to me. I didn't encounter any mention of progressive form of the verbs.

Does this mean verbs can be made progressive by adding 'ant/nta'. eg. vidas - vidantas, mangxas-mangxantas ?


Why 'trinkantas' instead of 'trinkas'?


"Trinkas" is fine - "Li trinkas bonan akvon".

"Li trinkantas bonan akvon" is also possible but is much more rarely used. It would specifically indicate the continuing aspect of the drinking.


Does anybody know why you can't say "estas" in this sentance?


You'll have to post the whole sentence; it's possible that the problem was not with estas but with something else in your sentence.

For example:

  • Li estas trinki akvon. = He is drink water. Wrong in both languages.
  • Li estas trinkas akvon. = He is drinks water. Also wrong in both languages.
  • Li estas trinkanta akvon. = He is drinking water. Possible in both languages, but less common in Esperanto than in English.


I ended up writing, "Li estas trinkas bonan akvon." That made sense to me because li=he, estas=is, trinkas=drinking, ect?


trinkas is not "drinking" (present participle) -- it's the present tense, so it's "(I) drink, (you) drink, (he) drinks" etc. but is also used for "(I) am drinking, (you) are drinking, (he) is drinking" etc.


Ah. So here you would use the present tense "he drinks good water". Saying "Li estas trinkas bonan akvon" puts it in the past tense?


Yes to the first sentence, "He is drinking good water" could be Li estas trinkanta bonan akvon but is more commonly said in the simple present tense, Li trinkas bonan akvon.

Li estas trinkas bonan akvon makes no sense in Esperanto, just as little as "He is drinks good water" would in English.

The past tense would be Li trinkis bonan akvon for "He drank good water", and if you wanted to be specific about a continuing action you could say Li estis trinkanta bonan akvon for "He was drinking good water".


Ah okay. That helped to clear it up. Thank you so much! Out of curiosity, may I ask where you are from? I noticed that you are lvl 14 on, what I assume to be, American English.


It said li trinkas bonan akvon was incorrect. Said it needed to be trinkanta.


Same here. Makes no sense.


You replied to yourself :p

Are you sure you said "Li trinkas" and not "Li estas trinkas"?


Li trinkas Deer Park-on

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