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  5. "Cá bhfuil mo mhúinteoir?"

" bhfuil mo mhúinteoir?"

Translation:Where is my teacher?

August 1, 2015



Probably in the fridge with Paul.


So does this sentence not have a verb? Or am I too confused..? If 'Cá bhfuil' = where, at what place 'Mo' = my 'Mhúinteoir' = teacher And together it would be "Where my teacher" meaning where is my teacher. But it is clear that she's asking where the teacher is. Is the verb hidden somewhere?


The sentence is literally 'where is it that my teacher is'. The bhfuil is a form of . represents 'where'.


Go raibh maith agat! These new sentences always have something that doesn't seem to make sense. Now I sort of get it.


It might help if you realize is an abbreviated form of Cén áit a (literally: Which place that). Nobody says Cén áit a though, using cá(r) instead.


Oh, thanks. The smaller words are, the easier they get mixed up with other similar ones. But why is it cá(r)? Where does the r come from? Sorry about these little questions..


It's an indirect relative clause, so in the past tense the a becomes ar (Cén áit ar). Note it's still a with the 6 irregular that use an in the past. So. cár rith tí (where did you run) but cá raibh tú (where were you?)

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