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how to watch movies and tv shows with subtitles(english subtitles)!(best way)

1- you need to go to this website= http://ororo.tv.

!- you can watch only the first 40 minutes, because It's a paid website!

2- to watch more minutes, all you need to do is choose your movie or tv show, choose your subtitles and press "pause", and wait load the entire video.

3- Then, you need to turn off your connection. When you do that, you can press "play".

4- so that's it, now you can watch unlimited movies and tv shows without pay anything!

5- to watch another movie, all you need to do is repeat the step 2 and 3!

I hope you enjoy :D

3 anos atrás

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3 anos atrás


easy way :D

3 anos atrás