"El doctor va a recibir los resultados mañana."

Translation:The doctor is going to receive the results tomorrow.

October 19, 2013



why didn't it accept - the doctor goes to ....

October 19, 2013


If what follows "El doctor va a" is a place a doctor could go to(a noun) then you could translate it that way. But when it is a verb you translate it as "is going to (do that verb)".

October 19, 2013


Thanks, my mistake. Again!

October 20, 2013


Actually, I think you might be onto something. If you wanted to say, "The doctor goes (to the clinic, for example) to receive the results tomorrow," I believe you would say it the same way: El doctor va (a la clínica) a recibir los resultados mañana.

February 24, 2014


the construction "ir + a + infinitive = going to

voy a comer = i am going to eat

vamos a beber = we are going to drink

va a dormir = he/she/it/you (formal) are going to sleep

September 1, 2014


Thank you rocko2012 and droma for the very clear explanations!

December 4, 2015


I hope that the rwsults r good.

June 26, 2017


It should accept "The doctor's going to..."

August 29, 2014


We cannot put tomorrow at the first?

May 31, 2014


We can. Duolingo should accept

July 10, 2014


what is wrong with this translation? Tomorrow, the doctor is going to receive the results.

July 18, 2014


The doctor's going to receive = The doctor is going to receive and should be accepted.

April 25, 2017


I put the doctor will go to recieve... that's incorrect?

February 22, 2015


"will go" is future tense - el doctor irá

Ir + a + infinitive verb = to be going to do something

El doctor va a recibir = the doctor is going to receive

February 23, 2015


Except, DL uses "voy a" as the first exposure (version of) to future tense.. It doesn't use "irá"

Also, isn't this correct? "Tomorrow I go to the doctor to receive my (medical) results" "..Manana, voy al medico para recibir ...?

November 16, 2016


The physician will receive the results ... should also be accepted.

May 17, 2016


Do I really need to use "THE" in the English translation 2 times?

(The doctor....... (the) results tomorrow)

September 22, 2016


The English is correct without the 2nd "the", if that's what you're asking.

However, I have trouble figuring when and when not to use the "el". (here, "los resultados"

November 16, 2016


"the" only appears in the available words once.

January 16, 2018


I wrote the whole sentence right, but I wrote tomorrow with double 'm' (tommorow). That is not a reason for an incorrect answer, right? It is just a spelling.

February 1, 2018


It is "just" a misspelling which Duo only occasionally catches, however, more often than not, it will be counted as a wrong word. For assistance in catching such errors, try using the free program Grammarly. :) ¡buena suerte!

February 26, 2018


i accidentaly misspelled tomorrow and it said i used the wrong word??!!!!

February 22, 2018


This is wrong manana can go with tomorrow or in the morning. It was even an option when you press on the word

March 10, 2018


When mañana is used without the definite article, it refers to tomorrow. If the sentence were to say... El doctor va a recibir los resultados en la mañana. That would mean, in the morning.

March 10, 2018


The patient is going to recieve the results from the doctor tomorrow.

January 26, 2019
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