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Danish Possessive Pronouns

Hi! I'm having a lot of trouble understanding about possessive pronouns in Danish.

For example, for my & mine, when would you use min/mit/mine? Also, your & yours, when would you use din/dit/dine/jeres?

Any help appreciated! :)

3 years ago



Min/ din for en words (Min/din mad)

Mit/ dit for et words (Mit/dit aeble)

Mine/ dine for plurals (Mine/dine hunde)

Jeres it for plural of you ( jeres hund/aeble/katte) note it does not change with the word's gender or quantity.

Hope it helps:)

Reply3 years ago


Make sure you check out the grammar explanations within each lesson (not included in the mobile version). These are quite good and written with in a fun style. AND Duolingo's method tends to be to get you started with minimum explanation. I, myself, like to use Duolingo with a good dictionary and a good grammar book.

Reply3 years ago