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A guide to using Duolingo in school. (1 post every day from me)

Post 1: To start off with I will explain why I am makeing this post. I recently joined a new secondary school to inprove the language department. I used this website to connect my classroom along side google classroom (this is a must) to help students with work inside and out of the classroom. I set up an account and sent links to parents to incourage students to sign up. This was a huge success! I then was able to see students progress from the dashboard which was brilliant. I could set homework and could check to see if they had done it!

More info in the next post! hazanufc1

August 1, 2015



This is great! Do keep us posted, we at Duolingo would love to know more. :]


There will be a post tomorrow! Thanks for the intrest. :)


This is an awesome series!


Hope all goes well. By the way, it is 'using' not 'useing'.


Thank you psionpete for your help. I have corrected it in the post hazanufc


No Axewskitty, an england school. hazanufc

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