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"There are four people in my family: me, my husband and my two sons."

Translation:Estas kvar homoj en mia familio: mi, mia edzo kaj miaj du filoj.

August 1, 2015



Why not Jen for There are? Or is it Here is?


Estas kvar homoj - four people exist.
Jen kvar homoj - have a gander at these four people.
Ĉi tie estas kvar personoj - the location of the people is this location.


I put "Estas kvar homoj en mia familio: min, mian edzo, kaj mian du filojn." but why is that wrong?


I thought there were supposed to be "-n" endings


No, they are not objects. English sometimes uses "me" in sense "I".


ah yeah since english has just a ton of irregular stuff. that makes sense thanks


In 'proper' (or textbook) English, it should be: '...I, my husband,...'. But not many native speakers would actually say it that way. So, technically, it's not irregular, it's improper English.


Why not "gefiloj"? Can someone please explain the use of "ge-"?


the "ge-" prefix denotes "of both sexes", so "gefiloj" is "sons and daughers", or "children" (in the sense of offspring as opposed to children in the sense of young people, which is more likely to be "infanoj"). This sentence refers only to sons, so "filoj" is correct.


"Estas kvar homoj en mia familio; mi, mia edzo kaj du mia filoj" This answer was wrong. What is clearly a mistake.


my two sons, not two my sons. mia du filoj not du mia filoj

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