No showing words or immersions in most languages!?

Hello everyone, I'd like to know why there isn't showing words or immersions in most languages in Duolingo like 1- Ukranian for English Speakers. 2- Dutch for English speakers. 3- Irish for English speakers. 4- Swedish for English speakers. 5- Danish for English speakers. 6- Turkish for English speakers. 7- Norwegian for English speakers. 8- Esparanto for English speakers. 9- English for Arabic speakers. And there are more courses without showing words or immersions.

August 1, 2015

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I believe it is in part because of copyright laws and in part because there are not enough people to do upkeep, so there is no current plan to add Immersion to many courses. I don´t know about the words function. It has been a little clunky in the courses it is in. Maybe they want to fix it first or maybe it has been scrapped. Anyone´s guess is as good as mine.

August 1, 2015
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