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  5. "I have short, brown hair."

"I have short, brown hair."

Translation:Tá gruaig ghearr, dhonn orm.

August 1, 2015



Why not word order, like "gruaig dhonn ghearr" similar to "cumann lúthcleas gael"


Can gairid / ghairid be used in place of gearr / ghearr?


Yes, it can. FGB's example shoes gruaig ghairid or 'short air'


Am I wrong in thinking that you shouldn't' lenite adjectives unless they directly follow the feminine noun? (It would appear I am)


The rule isn't that "feminine nouns lenite the following adjective", the rule is that "attributive adjectives agree with the noun in case, number and gender".

Both gearr and donn are attributive adjectives that are qualifying the feminine noun gruaig, and they both have to agree with the gender of that noun.


That explanation makes complete sense. I swear that I read somewhere that the lenition only applied directly following the noun, but since I can't find it anywhere, I'll assume it was just bad advice from another user.

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