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  5. "I want a sandwich."

"I want a sandwich."

Translation:Jeg vil ha et smørbrød.

August 1, 2015



Would "Jeg vil et smorbrød" be correct also?


When you see "want" in front of a substantive, it needs to be translated as "vil ha".
When you see "want to" in front of a verb, then it's translated to just "vil".

"Jeg vil ha et smørbrød."
"Jeg vil spise et smørbrød."

In both of these sentences vil functions as an auxiliary verb, which is why it needs the verb ha added when there is no other verb present for it to modify.


What about "Jeg ønsker" it also mean "I want" in which contest do I use that?


Tusen takk! I've been confused about this for awhile. Thanks for clearing it up!


I wrote "Jeg vil ha en smorbrod." and I got it incorrectly.

Can you please tell me my mistake? It says that my mistake was typing smorbrod instead of brødskive.


It is "et smørbrød"


You wrote o instead of ø, it should be smørbrød. O and ø are different letters


Normally, they would accept that kind of error though.


You also used the incorrect article, as "et smørbrød" is a neuter noun.


It says the answer is Jeg vil ha et brødskive 'slice of bread'? instead of sandwich?


"En brødskive" usualy implies a slice of bread with topping, so an open-faced sandwich. If it's for your "matpakke", it could be sliced in two with topping in-between. It's simple, everyday food.

"Smørbrød" also tend to be open sandwiches, though it could refer to a regular sandwich consisting of two slices of bread as well. You can expect the topping(s) to be more elaborate.

"En sandwich" has actually made it into the dictionary, and refers to your typical American sandwich consisting of two or more slices of bread. However, it doesn't see much use.

Norwegians usually prefer open-faced sandwiches, so that's what you're most likely to be served here.


I'll ha a sandwich. smear (smør) it with bread brød


What is the difference between "I want a sandwich" and "I want to have a sandwich"? It sounds like either way you would say "Jeg vil ha et smørbrød".

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